You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


27. Chapter 27


"I am going to tell you what i was going to last night. But you have to promise if you dont agree, we wont be different..." I say to Brooke as i try to get the image of Harry on top of her out of my head.

She gives me a confused look before lightly nodding.

"I like you." I finally let out what i have been trying to show her since i talked to her again after 3 years.

"I like you too." She rolls her eyes.

I was going to start smiling before i realized what she meant.

"No. I mean i like like you." I try to explain my feelings for her. Her reaction was something i did not expect. She... laughed, a lot. "Brooke. Brooke, i'm serious." I say trying to get her to stop laughing.

"Yeah okay." She said with a still red face as she try's to settle down.

"Brooke, i have liked you since i saw you again. I know when i was a younger teen i was not nice to you, hell i was not nice to a lot of people. But i have changed since then. I love your since of humor and attitude. I love how mature you are for your age and your real laugh and smile. There, i said it." I say telling my feelings to her face. She suddenly turned from laughing to mad.

"Oh i am sure you just can't keep your hands off the anorexic, model, bitch who wheres retainers and glasses to bed! I let you see me without makeup for god sake!" She yells at me.

"I told you i'm not like that anymore! I dont give a fuck about any of those things! Your beautiful to me no matter what!" I yell back at her.

"I may be a fucken model but that doesn't mean i'm pretty! Especially on the inside." She whispers the last part.

"Your amazing on the inside and out. I know you dont think that, but i can help you." I say back in a normal tone.

"I dont need fixing." She confuses me yet again.

"Well obviously you dont know how beautiful you are so yeah you do."

"I'm not perfect."

"No one is, perfection is overrated. But your as close as they get princess." I say moving some of her hair behind her ear.

"I dont know what game your playing but leave me out." She said trying to stand up, but i pull her arm back down.

"No game! Everything i just said i meant! I have wanted to say that since i saw you again! All those little conversations and nights we spent close together meant a lot to me." I say, raising my voice again.

The look on her face tells me how clueless she was, but now she is putting everything together.

"Thats why you have been mean to Harry..." She says quietly.

I just nod, not trusting my voice.

"But obviously you dont feel the same way so forget it." I say standing up.


Now it's my turn to pull his hand back down.

"I never said that." I said while he just gave me the stupidest look.

"B-bbutt y-y-y..."

"Sure, i never thought we would have this conversation." I said cutting him off from his stuttering. "But i am not going to deny your not attractive and sweet." I said trying my hardest not to blush.

"So your saying you want to have this conversation?" He smiled like a little kid with rosie cheeks.

"Well Sam..."

He just rolls his eyes. "You said yourself he was and still is just your best friend." He spoke the truth.

"So what does this mean... You want to go out? What will our family's think?"

"We dont have to start dating right now! But eventually if you want, i want to make you mine. Lets just try this for a little. And they will support us no matter what."

I just nod and when i look up i see him studying my face.

"You have really pretty eyes." He blurts.

"Is this what it's going to be like now?" I laugh at his cheeky comment.

"I am sorry." He shakes his head.

"It's fine." I say secretly blushing at his compliment. I usually brush off everyones compliments, not believing them. But for some reason his make me giddy. 

Tell late at night we just talked. I feel like we do this a lot, yet we never run out of things to say. This time was more intimate though. We were sitting close and kept finding reasons to touch each other.

He was telling me more story's of tour when the front door slammed close. I wanted to scream, no one was suppose to be home since next week.

I filled with relief when it was just Greg. Wait why is he here?

"Ummm... hi?" Niall is thankfully as confused as i am.

"Came home early. Denise is spending time with family, to many people so i let her be with them alone. I also got a call from Sam about flying to America. You weren't planing on going alone were you?" He gives me an evil glare.

I look over worriedly at Niall who is trying not to jump to conclusions.

"It's for modeling." I tell him. He nods but i can still tell he's on edge.

"I also got a call from James." Greg said moving his focus to Niall. "Said you and Harry have been fighting. You guy are bandmates, you can't be doing this, bad publicity. I dont know what about but you guys are brothers and need to work it out. Thats why me, Brooke, and James are leaving tomorrow for America. Will be back before the parents and the guys better be gone too, they dont need to know about any of this." We both nod and i can tell Niall is a little upset.

"What have you ate today?" Greg glares.

"A lot." Niall answers.

I guess i did. During our 2 long talking sessions through out the day, there has been food and i ate a lot of it.

"Okay well our flight is at 3:00 tomorrow since Monday is when you meet with the people. I am going to tell James he is going to America tomorrow. Where is all the guys anyway?"

"Hungover." I say without thinking. Greg starts getting angry again. "I didn't drink, promise." He nods before leaving.

"I will make him sleep on the floor in my room. Brooke just sleep on Niall's coach." Greg yells from the steps, telling me to sleep where James has been all week.

"When were you going to tell me?" Niall asks.

"I didn't even know if i was going for sure!"

"Why wouldn't you?"

"Know one to go with me. I'm sorry okay?"

"Fine. Just kinda annoying this happened right after out conversation." I nod in agreement.

I tell him to give me a minuet as i text Sam confirming my trip. I also tell my agent not to tell my mom about it, because knowing here it would lead to a million questions asking, Why is Greg back? Wheres Denise? Where are you staying? With what money? Whats Niall going to do? And she would eventually find out all of them.

After about half an hour, we head upstairs.

"Aren't you going to get ready for bed?" He asked.

I shake my head. Now we know our feelings to eachother, i dont want to get all ugly.

"I personally think you look better with glasses and a retainer." He teases while kissing my cheek. I wouldn't admit it out loud, but i really wanted him to actually kiss me there. "Please? You need them."

"Promise not to leave me?" I joke. He pretends to think as i playfully slap him.

"I am kidding go!" He said slapping my bum as i leave.

I just laugh and went to get ready. When i walk back in, he is on the couch in his room.

"Niall! This is your room, go sleep on your bed."

"Not unless your with me."

"Someone will probably wake us up."

"At that someone is you." He jokes, but i have been wakening him up lately.


"No!" He said standing up.

He grabs me and throws me on the bed. He then pull the covers up to my chin and holds me down tell i give up.

"Goodnight Princess." He said kissing my forehead. Even though i wish it was on the lips again, i still blush at the gesture.

He turns off the light and i was about to fall a sleep before he speaks.

"I wish you weren't leaving tomorrow." I can tell he's frowning.

"Me too." I half lie. I really want to see Sam, but i want Niall with me.

"Goodnight." He huffs.

"Night." I respond.

I want to say i love you, but i know it's not true, yet. But maybe someday we can both exchange the words and mean them. Someday...

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