You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


24. Chapter 24

I have been pacing back and forth Brooke's door all morning, i know her and Harry are in there. I can here part of their conversations. I just want to go in, punch Harry, and tell Brooke how much i like her. That i have changed and want to start something with her.

I have literally been touching the door handle several times. I finally just walk a way when there is silence and i know exactly what their doing.


"So." I say after we finish making out. I still cant get over his big lips. "Niall kinda told me some things..."

"Dont listen to him." He said kissing my cheek.

"But i didn't even tell you what he said."

"Just dont, its lies." He said pecking my lips.

I just shrugged it off as we started making out again.

After loads of laying around, we finally went across the street where the guys were at Nialls.

Me and Harry fingers were intertwined. I dont know what we are, or what i want us to be, but i like this. He smiles down at me when he catches my staring.

"Geeez it's already 2:00, how late can you guys sleep?" Liam asks us.

"I dont think they were sleeping much Liam." Louis says with a crazy grin and a wink at the end.

"Shut it." Harry laughs with them.

"So what are we doing tonight?" James asks.

"Party time!" Zayn yells.

"Were going to a party?" I question.

"Well a club." Louis shurgs.

"I'm underage." I say not really familiar with the whole club atmosphere.

"Yeah, you dont have to go if you dont feel comfortable." Harry says, frowning at me.

"Harry, your underage and your going!" Liam yells.

"Yeah but if she doesn't want to..." Harry says slowly.

"Shes going. Zayn answers for me.

I just smile weakly, not really wanting to make anyone mad.

"What time?" I ask.

"Will try leave at 7:00, its pretty far." Liam nods.

"I can be the dd tonight Liam." Niall says, talking for the first time. Why does he always look mad? Must not be a morning person.

"No its okay." Liam nods.

"No, your always it."

"Guys, i ordered a driver already cause its a long drive, we can just ask him to take us home too. We can all drink!" Louis suggest.

"I'm not drinking." I shake my head.

"Me either." Niall nods.

They all looked at him shocked. I guess he usually drinks.

"Then maybe i will for the night." Liam says.

They all looked shocked again. I guess he usually doesn't drink.

"Okay will just figure it out later." James shakes his head.

"What do we do tell then?" Harry whines.

"Oh i forgot to tell you Niall, i really like your hair." i laugh at the memory.

He just smirks as James cracks up.

"What are we missing?" Liam asks.

"When i was 9, Niall and James were 11, they thought it would be funny to change my face drawing markers, with permanent ones. I told Greg, so he took me to the store and we got blonde dye and put it in their shampoo. James got his out right a way, Niall on the other hand hasn't stopped putting his in." I laugh with everyone els.

I dont know for some reason in the 3 year time gap, i thought he would stop using it as he got older. Guess not.

After 3 more hours of everyone sharing embracing story's, i finally left the guys to go get ready.

I took a quick shower, blow dried my hair, and combed it. I did my make up which took a while, adding more then usual.

I dont know what i expect or what i want to happen. I dont know what it will be like or if i will even like it or not. I choose to stop trying to think about it because i will just become more worried.

Right when i finish my eyes, my phone rings. I cant help but smile an accept the FaceTime as quick as i can.

"SAM!" I yell way to loud.

"BROOKE!" He yells just as loud.

He is on a bed without a shirt. Gosh how i miss my best friend.

"What are you all dressed up for?"

"Going to a club." I say while putting on my lipstick.

"Dont miss!" He yells startling me, making me draw it across my cheek.

"You son of a bitch." I say taking it off my face and reapplying it.

"Hey now!"

"Sorry, so what have you been up to?" I say moving to my closet, i have no idea what to wear.

"Surfing and soccer."

"Oh, so your a soccer boy now." I tease.

"Well i certainly dont want to play football here."

I remember seeing an american football game on tv when i was there, and lets just say Sam would get crushed.

"Have you made any friends?" I ask.

"Just been getting close with some guys from modeling. You?"

"Its summer! But the boys are really nice."

"Any boy in particular?" He wiggles his bushy eyebrows.

"Harry is sweet." I giggle. Even in the dark room, i know he can see me blushing.

"Awwww." He coos. "Well i called you to tell you, your coming to California next week!"

"Next week as in 3 days!?"

"Yeah!" Some new beach is opening. They need brochures and adds. I said we could both do it!"

"My parents will still be gone." I frown.

"You have traveled with just me before. You will be fine."

"Okay." I nod. I hate flying alone, i will try to get someone to come with me.

"Well i got to go! Bye love, see you soon." We say are goodbyes before my door opens.

The next hour was spent with Harry helping me figure out what to wear. He was not much help, telling me to wear the most skimpiest outfits, which lead to me trying them on to show how little they covered. Which now that i think about it was not bad for him.

I finally pick a dress with a high cut sequence top, the bottom has a band with a long black cloth that looks like a skirt, in the front it stops at mid thigh the back stops a little below my knees.

I slip on some heels, knowing i will later regret this decision later.

I walk across the street and all the boys are dressed in skinny jeans and nice shirts.

"Look who's dressing up."


"If i didn't have a girlfriend..."

And whistles were heard through out the house.

"You dont have to go." Harry whispers for only me to here.

"I want to." I say, not even sure myself.

I am beginning to wonder why he has repeatedly told me throughout the day that I don't have to go. I feel like he's not telling me something, but i will find out soon enough.


The next 40 minuets was spent in awkward silence as everyone was on their phones and moving Harrys wandering hands from places they shouldn't be in public. We finally pulled up to a club called Heat with a line around the building.

"This is the grand opening." Louis answers my unspoken question.

We get in just by a few cheeky smiles from the lads. When i walk in i see too many famous people to count, that is probably well those people have been waiting outside for hours.

When i turn around, all the guys are gone. I find a booth and sit down. A few minutes Zayn slides in on the other side.

"Aren't you going to party?" I laugh with him.

"I will later. What are you doing?" 

"Nothing. Have you seen Harry." He gets a shocked look on his face before shaking his head.

"He's around." He said sliding his drink in his hand.

After a while of talking to Zayn, i go to the bathroom to kill more time too. When i get out, i try looking in the loads of people for him, but end up just nocking into Josh Hutchinson.

I make my way up to the bar and end up talking to the bartender for way to long. I find out hes gay and has 2 cats.

"I would do anything that boy asked me to any day. Oh how i wish he was gay." He laughs pointing behind me.

My smile drops as i see who he's talking about. The guy i have been looking for all night. Harry. And no, he's not alone. Not at all. Pressed up against him is Kendall. Kendall fucking Jenner.



Pretty please like and comment and favorite and fan i will update a long chapter Christmas eve if i get a lot of that!

I just think this is funny cause their the same person, shes jealous of her self! I probably shouldn't have picked Kendall to be in this but it just makes since case thats whats going on in real life and i wanted to add it in the story.

I feel like a wizard because i started this book and i planned on Harry liking Brooke before Kendall and him were even seen together! I dont think their dating in real life, even if they are i'm not telling my self that, i dont think their good together. No. Nope. Not happening. 

I switched Brooke to look like Kendall Jenner a while ago instead of Kylie just never told you guys! because she is taller and has more of a model face and body. I was picturing her as Kendall from the start, just got them mixed up! Kylie is beautiful, Kendall is just more like Brooke.


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