You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


23. Chapter 23


Today is Thursday. Its been mostly spent with Harry. We made everyone some eggs and bacon this morning, now their all out doing god knows what. Were in my parents big bed laying down. I'm actually starting to really like him.

"So what are we?" I asked. Were on our backs with his big hands pressed to mine.

"What do you want to be?" He said putting the pressure back on me. I have never moved this fast with a guy, i dont know why i am.

"I dont know." I shrug.

"Lets just talk about it later." He said getting on top of me.

He put his legs on either side of me and smirked before dipping his head and connecting our lips.

Our whole day was pretty much spent watching moves and making out.

"Lets take a picture." He says taking out his phone.

We both pose for a silly picture and couldn't stop laughing as we typed some things on his phone. He then got up and announced he has to go to the bathroom. When he's gone i reach for his phone and go on twitter. I see he posted the picture with the caption 'lazy day with the babe'

I couldn't hide the smile on my face. Until i started reading all the hateful comments back. They all just said he could do better, he was theirs, i'm ugly, its a PR stunt and all this shit.

I should be used to this now. I dont know why i'm not. I cant really blame him since me and Harry are getting close. I cant just tell my mind their wrong.

Harry comes back out and sees my sad face. He takes his phone to see what i was looking at. He just tosses it to the side and says "dont worry about them." Before connecting our lips again.

"Ewww get a room!" James yells.

"You should knock. Plus this is a room!" I fire bak after Harry gets off of me.

"We ordered chines, it should be here soon." He says before walking out.

I look at the clock and see its already 6:30 "we acutely did spend the whole day together." i joke.

He laughs before grabbing my hand and leading me out the house. We walk in to see 5 boys all watching Tv and on their phones.

"Have you really been sitting here all day?" I ask, me and Harrys hands still together.

"No we went swimming." Louis points to his wet hair.

They all agree before looking back at their phones. Niall has not even looked up since we came in the room. I go on the side of the coach and jump on the empty spot.

"What are you doing?" I ask as he keeps looking at his phone.

He doesn't respond and shuts off his phone as i try to look at it. I huff wondering why he's being so moody. I then start to tickle him and i see him crack a smile while trying to move my hands. We were laughing until Harry came and stood by me. Niall went back to looking down and i huffed again. Somethings going on with him and Harry.

I sit in between Harrys legs on the floor. I dont know why i am moving so fast with him. Something about him is intoxicating.

The door bell rings and me and Zayn jump up to get it. We sprint to the door and start shoving each other to get their. I dont know why were doing this since we will both probably eat the least.

Zayn starts pulling money out of his wallet while i quickly pull some out of my bra. We both hand him the money but the hormonal teenage boy obviously takes mine. He hands me the food and gives me a wink before leaving. I shut the door and as we walk back we couldn't stop laughing.

"What happened?" Liam asked.

"The guy took my money and not his." I chuckle.

"Thats because he was a teenage boy and you pulled it out of your bra!" Zayn whines.

Everyone looks a little confused before laughing.

We set the food on the table and dish up. I go last, not wanting to get in between all the guys shoving to get to the food. I put some white rise, an egg roll and some sesame chicken on my plate. I grab some water and sit between Harry and Liam.

They were all talking about some football team as i slowly ate. I wanted for them to finish and i got up with the rest. Trying to avoid Niall did not work. I ate my egg roll an most of my rice, and only one chicken.

"Brooke." He holds me back as the rest of the guys go back in the living room.

"Oh you talk?" I say sarcastically.

"Eat." He pushes the food to me.

"No." I cross my arms.

"Brooke." He says getting mad.

"You cant just get mad and not talk to me all day with out saying why, then tell me to eat." I turn around but he grabs my wrist.

"Brooke." He pauses. "You dont want me to tell you. You wont believe me anyway."

I just roll my eyes and turn back around. But yet again i am stopped.

"Just eat two more chickens. For me?" He begs.

He watches me as i eat them. "For Maura and Greg." I spit and turn quickly back around.

The rest of the night me and Niall avoided each other. When its 11, we all decide to go to bed.

"Lets do something fun tomorrow." Louis suggest and we all agree.

Me and Harry walk in front of James and Niall back to me house.

"Will you sleep with me tonight?" Harry asks.

I think about it before nodding. What could go wrong? Were just sleeping in the same bed. But then i remember my glasses and retainer and suddenly become really insecure.

"Nevermind i'm tired, i'll just sleep in mine."

"Awww really?" He whines.

I nod before giving him a kiss outside my bedroom door. I then head to the bathroom to get ready for bed.


I couldn't do it anymore. I knew Harry just wanted to get in her pants, he told me. I need to tell Brooke. I know she will hate me i need to protect her. I tell James i'm going to the bathroom before knocking on Brooke's door.

She asks who it is and i yell Niall before she opens the door in her glasses and retainer, she is so cute.

"Can i come in?" I ask quietly, suddenly all confidence down the drain.

"Are you going to tell me why you were ignoring me?" I nod, telling part of the truth as she shuts the door.

I was ignoring her cause i was jealous of Harry because i like her, but i'm not telling her that so actually i'm not telling the truth at all.

"I-i ddont think you s-hould s.."

"Spit it out." She interrupts me.

"I dont think you should see Harry." I say quickly.

"And why is that?" She questions sassily.

"He- umm." I stop to think. "He uses girls a lot." I dont want to say he just wants to have sex with her to show me a point.

"Well i'm sorry you think that but he is a sweet boy."

"Brooke i have known him for 3 years, I know him!"

"He wouldn't do that."

"He told me he just wanted to get in bed with you!" I huff proving a point that i didn't want to say, at least she will be over him.

"I am sorry you have to make things up for... i dont know why but i know its not true. Night." She pushes me out the door.

"Brooke!" I yell.

How could she not believe me? She is mad cause she thinks i'm making it up. When in fact that dick told me to my face thats what he is going to do! And i know he will... if i dont stop it.

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