You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


22. Chapter 22

Running is not going good. Brooke was going fast as everyone tried to keep up. We ran for ever and kept begging for a brake. Harry was trying to catch up, flirting with her a lot too. He has been since they meet, but i feel like he is doing it more obvious now because i told him my feelings told her, now he's just rubbing it in my face, and i dont like it. I gotta do something.

I was trying to get around everyone,, to catch up with her. I was about to tap her shoulder when i some how tripped and almost landed on my face. This is why i dont have a girlfriend.

All the guys behind me started cracking up. Brooke obviously heard and turned, to see me on the floor. She held back a smile as she walked over to help me up.

"Are you okay?" She asks as we start lightly jogging again.

"I'm fine." I mumble.

"You sure?" She asked again.

"Yeah, go run the last bit my yourself." I say realizing were about half mile from home and we have been slowing her down, and i dont want to talk about this anymore.

"Okay thanks!" She yells sprinting ahead.

"Smooth." Harry chuckles as he comes up to me. "This will be easier then i thought." He says in my ear so only i here.


After i got home, i had wait a while for the boys to come. I went back on twitter without thinking. I saw more, worse things. Probably cause i'm with all the boys now. I couldn't take it, crying did not help. All those girls dont even know me! But they called out all my insecurity and flaws.

Without thinking i ran to the bathroom. My legs a little sore as sat in front of the toilet, puking.

I heard yelling down stairs. Telling me the boys arrived. I tried to stand up, but i couldn't so i just kept crying. The door finally turned open with the only face i wanted to see.

"Brooke." He said sliding over to me, holding me in his lap on the floor. I let my head rest on his chest as he hummed softly in my ear.

"What happened?" Niall asked after a while. Now i didn't want him here.

"The donut." I try to blame it on that.

"You ate half of it." He said showing he's not stupid.

"Running." I think of another lie.

"You run all the time." I could tell his patients was running out.

"I went back on twitter." I say hanging my head.

"WHAT!?" He said while getting up. I whimper at his loud voice and lost of contact.

"I forgot." I say quietly.

"How could you forget!?" He said just as loud as before.

"Because i usually can go on my own twitter with out being harassed all the time!" I say matching his voice.

"I'm sorry." He said quietly hanging his head, realizing it's his fault.

"No I didn't mean it like that."

"No its okay, its my fault." Its his fans, not him.

"Stop, okay its not. I'm fine."

He just nods and walks to the other room and returns, looking down at my phone.

"What are you doing?"

"Disabling your twitter."

I was about to protest but he cut me off.

"You can get it back when your stronger, i dont trust you now."

"Gee thanks." I say sarcastically.

"I'm sorry but you need to eat more and this is not helping."

I just roll my eyes and shove him out as i take a shower to clean up. I use some of Denise's make up that she left here and brush my teeth.

When i head downstairs, everyone is all reseted from the run and we decide to cool off in the pool.

I started to feel insecure again so i just wore a tang top and shorts and let my legs dangle over the end.

After an hour or so, i released they aren't coming in for a while so i desisted to make dinner.

I was looking up how to make lasagna when some wet hands were over my waist and his chin was on my head. From the hight i knew hey it was.

"Harry, your wet. I complain.

"Its what you do to me." He cheekily whispers in my ear.

I shove him back lightly as we laugh.

"What are you making love?"

"Lasagna... I think." I say while looking at all the pans.

"I can help."

"You cook."

"Kinda." He surges.

I finally look at his shirtless body, i really dont want him to put on a shirt.

He notices my stare and starts taking slow steps towards me.

"Wait." I say putting my hands on his chest as he gets really close. "Aren't you like, a player?" I say as i predict what he was going to do.

"I used to be. But i really like you." Those were weak words, but for some reason i fell for it.

He dipped his head again and closed his eyes. I dont know why, but i couldn't do it. I backed up against the stove as he got closer.

I was about to talk before he grabbed my waist and quickly kissed me. I did not move at first, scared because i only kissed Sam and i didn't think this was going to happen when he came in.

After a while i just thought of how attractive he is. I put my hands in his curls and kisses back. This kiss was weird, it felt needy, not romantic. But i still went with it as he pushed his body closer to mine.

When i noticed how long this kiss has been going on, i backed a way. Both of us panting and looking at each other.

"What was that?" I ask, looking up at him.

He just shrugs before kissing my lips one more time.

"Harry i just broke up with my boyfriend."

"I will make you forget about him." He said, still intoxicating close.

"Your leaving soon."

"Will figure that out later. Lets get cooking." He said while looking around.

I dont know whats going on, but i think i like it.

For the next hour and a half me and Harry were cooking. Well, mostly Harry, he just told me to stir the noodles and little things once in a while. I think he just wanted me to feel like i'm helping, which i find extremely cute.

The boys are all in the living room watching Tv when its done. I set the table and call them in.

"Me and Brooke cooked this whole thing." Harry says smiling at me.

"Yeah, putting the bread in the oven was really hard." I joke.

We all start eating. The boys communicating with food in their mouth, which made me absolutely disgusted.

I ate all the bread, salad and half a pice of lasagna. That was a lot for me and i was really excited. I look at Niall and he is moving his food back and forth, he looks sad. I nudge him since he is to my left and he looks up. I point to my plate and he suddenly brightens up. He gives me a high five under the table and i clear the table as they go back to watch Tv.

I make everyone a cup of tea. As i grab the last one i go into the living room. Harry points to a spot on the couch in between Zayn and him. I gladly sit down and snuggle into Harrys side as he shares his blanket with me. Liam and Louis are on the chairs, Niall and James are on the floor.

"Lets watch Mean Girls." Harry offers. I giggle, knowing its probably only for me.

"Me and Brooke watched it last week." He says not looking from the Tv.

"What about The Proposal?" He offers, probably seeing it in the clear cabinet filled with movies.

"Saw that too." He says, still not looking at us.

"Niall." I tisk. "We can watch it again if they want to." I shake my head. "James will you put it in?" He makes a grunting noise before getting up.


I wouldn't admit it but Niall was right, we probably shouldn't have watched a movie we saw just last week. I'm pretty sure i fell a sleep half way through.

I woke up in someone arms. They were carrying me. It suddenly got cold. I realized we were outside and i was in Harrys arms. He was probably bringing us both to bed.

He kissed my forehead. "Go back to sleep."

"Wear is everyone?" I notice no one is following us.

"Everyone is sleeping in there. I woke up so i thought you would want to sleep in your bed too. Or you can sleep with me." I can picture his grin through my closed eyes.

I just lay my head bak on his muscular arm as he brings me up the steps. He was about to pull the covers over before i spoke. "I need to go to the bathroom and stuff."

"Okay, night love." He kissed me on the lips again. I couldn't hide the smile on my face as i went to get ready for bed.


I was waiting outside of Brooks door when i see Harry come out. He had his back to me as he was quietly closing the door.

"Jesus, you scared me."

"Okay you won." I say crossing my arms.

"What?" He says in confusion.

"You got her to fall for you. I know you kissed her. Can this be over now?" I beg.

"Ohhhh." He says in realization while stretching out the h. "I am not even close to done.

"What!?" Now its my turn to be confused.

"I only kissed her a few times. I am going all the way with her."

"Harry this is enough. Shes not just some slut from the bar. Why are you doing this? You even said you dont even like her body much."

"Because." He said getting closer as his eyes darkened. "I know you like her and i want to show you i can get anyone i want. I'm better then you." He whispers the last part in my ear as he walks by.

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