You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


21. Chapter 21

I scroll through my phone, finding Greg's contact and calling him.

"Hello?" He says in a whisper.

"Why are we whispering?" I whisper back.

I here some shuffling and a door click on the other end.

"Sorry i was by her parents, i'm in the bathroom now, how have you been."

"Fine." I say debating whether or not I should tell him about the rest of the boys being here. "His band is here." I say well putting my feet up on the dashboard.

"All of them?" He says shocked.

"Yup dont tell the parents though, they dont know."

"Why are they their?"

"I dont know." I say sitting up straighter.

"So why did you call?"

"Can't I just call just to chat?" I say fake gasping.

"You never want to just chat." He says and i know he is rolling his eyes, even from 5 hours a way.

"Okay, so Niall took me to the doctors today."

"Why was that?" He says knowing the answers.

"I may or may not have been eating a lot." I say picking at my nails.

"If you were eating you would not need to go to the doctor! Were you throwing up again?" He asks and u can tell he's pissed.

"Not voluntarily."

"Thats even worse! What did the doctor say?"

"That its just because my body is not strong enough to hold too much food at one time, and when something like really gross happens, it does not have enough energy to hold it in so i puke."

"Well i could have told you that." He says as Niall gets in the car. "What was that?" Greg asks, obviously hearing him.

"Dial just got in the car, we are picking up breakfast."

"That your going to eat, right?"

"Yes mother!"

"Shut up and put it on speaker."

I do as i told and press the button, making it louder as Niall looks at me confused. I mouth Greg to him and he nods.

"Look Niall i am going to get right to it, if you can't take care of her, I'm coming home."

"I am sorry, okay? i am trying my best i brought her to the doctor and its really hard when I'm in a house full of people who dont know!" He instantly it looks terrified, stuttering for a cover up because of his last sentence.

"I all ready told him." I say moving forward as Niall just looks at the ground.

"Yeah bring all the boys was not the brightest decision."

"Her own brother does not know!" Niall says loudly.

"And I don't want to see his reaction when he finds out this has been going off and on for the past three years!"

"This is not my fault!" Niall says with his head in his hands.

"Yeah everyone know! Its all on me because i'm fucked up! This is my problem and I don't need your sorry ass's is helping me! Its all my fault." I yell, except the last part I whisper.

I put my phone down and turn to the side to try to open the door, its locked. I flip the switch on the side and unlock it, hopping out.

"Brooke!" he calls for me.

I keep walking to god knows wear. Not really in the mood for running, i just sit on a curb diagonal from the car. Soon after i see Niall lightly jogging to me. He sits down and theres a slight silence.

"Your not fucked up." I barely here him whisper.

I just laugh.

"I'm serious!" He says more sternly.

"You cant be." I shake my head

"Just because your under wight does not mean your fucked up!" He says louder then i expected.

"And i dont have any girls that are friends, or any friends my age for that matter! Besides Sam, my best friend who just moved across the world."

"All those problems make you who you are! Everyone has problems."

For some reason i start to think of random people and all their flaws. The list goes on forever.

"Whats your problem?" I ask Niall.

"Well." He thinks. "I dont have any." He laughs and i shove him lightly. "Just kidding, i regret a lot of things in my past." He says looking at me, i just look down quickly. "I used to be really cocky, now I'm actually quite insecure. I don't have that strong muscles or defined abs as the other boys. I'm really pale and claustrophobic. Oh and i really like this one girl, i am trying to give her a bunch of hints but i dont think shes getting them. I dont think she is interested."

I laugh at his long list. The last one kinda made me sad. How could a girl not like him? He's so cute and charming, any girl would be lucky to have him, she must be stupid.

"Need i go on?" He chuckles.

He gets up an holds out his hand. I take it in mine and surprised how soft it is, and that he doesn't let go. We finally reach the car and he open and shuts it for me.

"Aren't we being a gentlemen today." I say as he starts the car.

"Only for the best." He smirks

When the laughing dies down he speaks again.

"Look, we both dont want Greg to come home early. So can you please do me a favor and eat as much as you feel comfortable?"

"Half a donut?" I ask.

"A full one." I glare at him.

"As much as you can, at least a half." He nods.

"I think i will make lasagna for dinner tonight." I say after a while.

"You can cook?"

"I can try." I shrug.

We finally get home and walk into his house with a bunch of boys sitting around watching TV.

"Breakfast is served!" He yelled from the kitchen. Soon a bunch of sleepy boys pilled into the room, devouring all the donuts.

After their all seated, i look in the box and see only a jelly one is left, my least favorite. I huff before reaching to grab it. But before i could someone reached over taking it and put a glazed one on my plate. I look up to see a smiling Niall and before i could protest, he is already seated. I find a seat between Harry and Zayn.

"Morning hot stuff." Harry makes me blush as he takes a drink of his juice.

"Dont you want 2?" I turn my attention to Zayn, who unlike everyone els, has only 1 donut like me.


"I incest." I say pushing my plate to him.

"No." He says pushing it back.

I huff and look up to see Niall glaring at me. I quickly look down from his intense stare and eat my donut.

"Your cute when you eat." Harry whispers in my ear making chills run down my spine.

I look up at his sloppy morning curls and award winning smile as i feel the heat rush to my feet again.

I eat a little more then half and feel proud of myself. I run up to my room as the rest of the boys go back to watching TV.

I call Maura and explained what happened this morning like i did to Greg. She had to go in the bathroom too since i was calling her, not my judgmental mom.

She was a little disappointed but i promised her to try harder.

After we hung up i went on twitter. I saw some nice comments, telling me they were sorry for last night. But again, most were negative. Apparently i am a drama queen now.

I was reading a really bad one when Niall came in my room, well Greg's room since were at his house.

"Did you call my mom?" He asks.

"Thanks for knocking." I say sarcastically.

"Sorry." He says knocking on the wall.

I laugh to much at that before answering. "Yeah why?"

"She just called me."

"I am sorry! I know its my fault." I say worried she blamed him too.

"No it wasn't like that, just wondering. Have you even talked to your mom yet?"


She shakes her head at my question, making me laugh as i sit on the bed.

"Your closer to my family then i am!"

"Maybe if you came home once in a while." She mutters.

"I'm sorry. I am coming home a lot more for the second part of the tour."

"Theres a second part?" She asked surprised.

"Yeah. Started in September, ends in November. Going to Australia, and Japan.

"Oh." She says with her head down.

It was a little awkward, so i look down at her glowing phone. I am appalled whats on her screen.

"Why are on this stuff!?" I say standing up, pointing to her phone with rude tweets.

"I'm on my twitter!" She says a little mad.

"You dont need to read it!" I say not really making since.

"I dont need to read tweets directed to me?" She says confused.


"How am i supposed to know if their mean or not?"

"I dont know, but..." I say getting red and pulling my hair.

"I'm sorry, i will try to stop." She says calmly, reaching up and pulling my hands out of my hair.

"Okay." I say, taking deep breaths.

"Lets go running!" She says excited.

"Really?" I say whining.

I can not keep up with either of our emotions and how fast they have changed.

"Yup! Tell the rest of the boys. Be ready in 10!" She says shoving me out of the room.

I go down stairs and tell the rest of the boys. They all whine at first, but soon go get changed. Harry being Harry, did not bring workout cloths so he came up to my room with me to borrow some.

"How long have you been friends with Brooke?" Harry asks as i am trying to find clothes.

"Whole life. Why?"

"Just curious. Every tap that?"

His words make me turn around in disgust.

"No i never 'taped that.'"

"Shes a babe." He makes another crude comment. "I mean she has the body of a 12 year old, but she has long tan legs, shes in shape, and a pretty face. And those lips can probably do crazy things."

"You only like her for that?"

"Nah, shes funny too, and so innocent." If he only knew the half of it...

"So you like her?" I ask worried, Harry always gets the girls. Every damn time.

"I could sorta see a potential little relationship." He shrugs.

"Oh, well i like her too... a lot." I mutter.

"Well." He says moving closer to me, looking down at me because of the hight difference, giving the ever so famous Harry Style smirk.

"Game on Horan."

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