You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


20. Chapter 20


I woke up the next morning to someone shaking me.

"Brooke you need to wake up." Niall's voice ringed through? my ears making me wake up.

I look over to his sleepy face and try not to smile at how cute he looks.

"What time is it?"

"Like 9. Everyone is sleeping your appointment is at 10:30." He says while ripping the covers off of me.

I almost forgot i promised him i would go to the doctors today. The only reason i agreed to it is because i know there is nothing wrong with me.

"I will meet you here in a half an hour at tops. I have to go across the street."

I say getting out of bed. When i reach the door i slip on a pair of Niall's air jordans that are at least 3 sizes to big.

I look down and see i am in my pajamas. Niall must have brought them over after my shower. I dont remember putting them on. Or most of last night for that matter.

My eyes sting a little and my teeth ache. Thats when i slept without my glasses and retainer.

Once i reach my room i laugh at my reflection. I have no make up, exposing all my zits and my hair is sorta crimped since it was wet when i went to bed.

I put on powder and light mascara since its early and were only going to the doctors. I tie my hair tight into a ballerina bun before pulling it back with a lulu lemon headband.

I then slip on my tight under armer leggings and put my faded tie-dye shirt over my head.

After going on my phone for a few minuets, i head back downstairs. I put on my colorful Nike running shoes and make a quick cup of tea. I grab my purse and finally slip on my over sized sunglasses and walk across the street.

I walk in to see Niall pacing by the door.

"Calm down." I roll my eyes.

"What took you so long?" I just hold up my tea and yank him to the car.

"Did you eat anything?" He asks.

"Yeah." I lied.

"Really?" He asks again.

"Yeah." I lie again.

"What did you eat?" He asks while opening the car door.

"A muffin." I say, not looking at him, afraid i will crack.

He just glares at me before huffing and starting the car.

One of their songs comes on the radio and i try to sing and get Niall to smile. Nothing.

"Come on stop worrying, your more scared then me! I am fine."

He doesn't respond and i just get annoyed. I just make a huffing sound and stair out the window.

The rest of the way was spent in silence. We finally pulled in and i hoped out and slammed my door right a way. I was about to stomp my ways to the door before Niall came around to my side of the car. He suddenly felt like a giant as he walked backwards, making me move without touching.

He moved his face inches from mine as our body pressed firmly against each other. I was sacred, yes. But i kinda liked this side of him.

"I dont like when your mad at me." He says quietly, looking in my eyes.

"I dont like when you make me go to the doctors." I try to say strongly, but it came out weak as my voice stuttered. He grinned at my obvious nervousness.

"I dont like when you dont eat and puke." He said getting impossibly closer. I would not even have been mad if he kissed me right there.

I push him off of me rolling my eyes getting slightly annoyed... and turned on. I look back and we both have stupid smirks on our faces.

"Brooke Whiting." I say to the lady at the front desk.

"The doctor is waiting for you, room 223."

I thank her and slap Niall for making us late. After a few wrong turns we finally walk into room 223 with a young female doctor waiting in a chair.

"Sorry for being late. Its his fault." I laugh as i shake her hand and sit on the end of the bed.

"Who is he?" She asks as Niall sits on a chair to the side.

"My boyfriend." I quickly lie. This is becoming a habit.

It feels kinda weird, i usually just say he's my brother for occasions like this. She nods and sits on the chair in front of the computer. She spins around to look at me and crosses her arms.

"So whats going on?" She asks. I just shrug and look to Niall like a little kid.

"She just has been throwing up at weird times lately." Niall says for me.

"Did you eat something bad?"

"She doesn't eat, thats the problem." Niall mumbles. I send him a death glare, hoping she did not here him.

"What was that?" She asks.

"Nothing." I quickly say.

"She doesn't eat!" Niall says loudly.

She nods to show she understands before continuing. "Could you please tell me the whole story, obviously their is one."

I sit silently, not looking anywhere.

"Brooke." Niall begs.

"I dont even know her! My parents dont even know!" I say loudly.

"Would it make you feel better if i told you i went through the same thing?" She asks me.

"No because you would probably be lying." I say crossing my arms.

"Well i'm not. When i was 18 i wanted to join miss america. I dont feel like going into details but you get the idea."

"Well i am a cheerleader and a model! But both of those have nothing to do with it!" I say showing her were not the same.

"Then what is it?"

"I guess it started at 13 when the boy i really liked called me fat." I say looking at Niall who has his head down. "Then i got skinny and everyone told me how good i looked. I got way more complements and so many people noticed me. When i got about 15, it got hard to keep everything together while staying in shape. I thought i was getting fat again so i took a solution i thought would be easy. Not eating. Close people to me noticed and helped. I started to get back to eating more but i have been finding food more and more gross and tempting at the same time lately. I also have been throwing up randomly, like when i eat or see things that upset me."

"I am no psychologist, but is this boy you were talking about back." She looks quickly at Niall as i do the same. I just lightly nod.

"Okay well i think this boy will like you no matter what. Honey just remember your underweight by at least 15 pounds. And for the throwing up, its because your body is not strong enough. You need to eat to keep your immune system up. You cant eat too much at a time though because your body is not used to it. I am going to give you some pills that will help you balance out your system for a while. Its not a miracle worker, i still want you to do what i said." She says while reaching in her desk and handing be a bottle of pills. "I have them here because they ran out at the drug store. Take one when you first wake up and before you go to bed. I want you to come to me at the end of the month to see how your doing. Remember, do it for you."

I nod before standing up and thanking her. Me and Niall barely reach the car door before he speaks.

"You know your beautiful anyway."

"I dont still like you." I giggle while blushing.

"Yet." He mutters, but i still heard him. We both keep laughing before his phone went off.

"The boys want us to pick up something for breakfast. We can go to that donut shop near by?" He suggests.

I fiddle with my thumbs, him obviously catching on.

"How about you eat a whole donut, then we all run with you after?" He smiles.

"Do you think you guys can keep up again?" I raise an eyebrow at him.

"Probably not." He shrugs while turning into the shop as we both keep laughing.

"I got to make some phone calls, you go in by yourself." I say while he gets out. I chuckle as he locks the door before getting out my phone.

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