You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


19. Chapter 19


"So were just going to ask questions." Louis asked, sounding bored.

"We could do a twit cam to make it more fun! Were on brake and haven't been doing much anyway." Liam said enthusiastically.

"Good idea! Everyone tweet about it." Harry says.

"I will go get the laptop." Niall says, running to the other room.

"I dont want to be in it." I say suddenly becoming really insecure.

"You will be fine!" Harry says, putting his hand on me knee.

I give him a fake smile before looking back at the ground.

Niall comes in a minute later with a computer and snacks.

"Were ready." He said setting it on the table as the rest of the guys gathered on the floor, leaning their backs on the coach while i just sat on it looking down.

"Hello." They all say waving.

"Sorry its late, or early for some of you, we just wanted to say hi." Liam says.

"Were just on brake right now, the boys wanted to come visit me so there staying at my house. We have James here with us. If you dont know him, he has been my best mate forever. Along with Brooke." I stiffen a little as he said that.

"My annoying little sister." James says.

"Say hi." Harry tells me like a little kid.

"Shes shy." Niall laughs.

I finally had enough and i bopped the 3 of them in the back of the head.

"Hey!" The all whine.

"So were going to let you guys and Brooke ask us questions." Liam says, looking at the camera to a bunch of hormonal fangirls that have nothing better to do.

"I have one." I say. "Why are you so shy?" I say looking at Zayn.

"You should be talking." He laughs.

"I am not saying just right now, but you haven't talked much since you've been here."

"@HoranHugs were staying here for 2 weeks with no parents! We have been here for like 2 days." Harry answers a question.

"I am sorry i will talk more." Zayn rolls his eyes.

"@DoncasterAss were starting up the tour again in september, just Australia, South America and Japan." Liam said, trying not to laugh at the username.

"@10inchpayne are new album is called Midnight Memories." Louis grins.

"What does that mean?" I ask confused as they all laugh.

"Nothing." Liam says shaking his head.

"Lets ask Brooke questions now!" Harry says.

"Lets not!" I say rolling my eyes.

"How many guys have you kissed?"

"Are you a virgin."

"Pick one of us to date."

"Or fuck."

They are all yelling inappropriate questions at me and i am trying so hard not to laugh.

"STOP!" I yell while chuckling.

"Let the fans ask." Niall says.

We all nod and look at the screen. Soon on the side, a bunch of comments kept popping up.

The first couple were nice.

-your so pretty!-

-i ship it!-

-you guys are awesome!-

But that was about it.

-she is perfect of course their with her-

-your so ugly-

-such a fake-

-your way to skinny-

-fat ass-

-she thinks she is so cool-

-you have the body of a 12 year old-

-she seems like a bitch-

-what a slut-

About the second one, tears started building up. By the last one i read i was getting up. There was probably a thousand more, but just those one really hit me hard.

I was already up the stairs when i heard them all yelling for me.

Those girls dont even know me! Yet i am in a bathroom crying over it. About things fangirls took a second to type.

The images of the words kept replaying in my head and i couldn't take it anymore.

Next thing i knew i was over the toilet puking because of the many, disgusting, hurtful words that were meant to hurt me. Congratulations, they got their wish.


I could not stop looking at all the hurtful things they were saying to Brooke.

I finally snapped out of it when i saw her heading up stairs. Harry was about to go.

"No i will go." I say pulling him back.

"Its fine."

"NO" i say loudly.

He puts his hands up in surrender and sits back down.

"I am really disappointed in you guys." I say while standing up.

I jog up stairs and into her bathroom where i here a strange noise. I walk in and see Brooke crying and puking.

"Oh god!" I say rushing over to her.

I hold her hair so its out of the way and rub my hand up and down her back.

"Why are you puking?"

"I dont know." She responds softly.

"You should go to the doctor."

"No there is nothing wrong with me."


"I'm fine!"

"Either that or i tell Greg." I fire back, something is wrong she needs help.

"No one can take me."

"I can."

"What about your mates?"

"They can be alone for a couple hours. Their already annoying me." I joke. "Will go in the morning its late." I say helping her up.

"The only reason i'm going is to show you i'm fine."

I just nod. "You can take a shower in here and sleep in my room. I will ask Liam to sleep in yours, he is the most neat." She just shakes her head and shoos me out so she can take a shower.

I lean my back against the door for a while, thinking of ways to get her to like me. Its not really helping that i have to act like a parent at times.

I head down stairs and see all the boys silently watching TV.

"Is she okay?" James asks.

"Yeah, just a little scared, shes fine." I say sitting down.

A couple hours later when i know she is in bed for sure i stand up.

"Okay we should go to bed. I let Brooke take my room so Liam do you mind sleeping in hers? You can borrow some clothes." I say and he nods.

We all stand up and make our separate ways to bed.

I soon feel asleep and had a peaceful dream about the beautiful girl sleeping on my bed.




just wanted to say i am the first to admit i suck at spelling and punctuation!

A couple of my friends who read this story started editing it. So it wont be perfect right a way but a couple days after hopefully it will be better!

I'm sorry i guess you will just have to live with it if your reading it up to date!


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