You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


18. Chapter 18

When i wake up the next day and i am pretty sure none of the other boys are up yet so i get ready for the day.

I hop in the shower first before blow drying my hair. I save a lot of money and time on straightens since its naturally straight.

I just apply powder and mascara since i figure we wont be going out again today.

I finally go into my closet and pull out denim shorts and a white loose tang top. I change my phone case to the one with black studs and slide on my black sandals.

I go into check on Niall and James and their both still sound a sleep. I see they must have went to bed playing Xbox since they still have controllers in their hand and the TV is still on. i quietly walk in and turn it off and shut their drapes, wanting them not to be tired since its only 9 am.

I walk into my parents bed and see Harry above the sheets in only boxers. I chuckle before walking in and shutting the blinds too. I was about to leave when i noticed all his tattoos that are now visible.

While i was staring i see his eyes pop open before i screamed.

"You know its not nice to stair." He says with a sly smirk.

"Go back to bed." I chuckle after i catch my breath, a little embraced that he caught me.

"I am not tired. Jet leg sucks!"

"Well you should at least try."

"Can i just come with you?"

"But i am just going across the street to Niall's."

"Okay." He says getting up.

"Put on some clothes!" I say walking out.

I here his low chuckle before i am down stairs. I find a piece of paper and write 'across the street' on it and stick it on the fridge, knowing they will look their first.

I here Harry coming down a minuet later. He now has a black tang top and grey sweatpants on along with a backwards snapback.

I give him a fake smile since i am still a little tired before heading across the street. I first go check on all 3 boys and make sure their sleeping well.

I figured no one els will come down for at least another 2 hours.

When i get back down stairs, Harry is already laughing to spongebob.

We make small talk a little through the first episode and by the second, Harry looks like he is about to fall a sleep again.

"You can go to sleep."

"Know i am fine." He lies.

"Just go to sleep!"

"You look tired too!"

"Gee thanks." I say rolling my eyes.

"Not like that! You look really good! it just looks like you could pass out any minuet!"

"Fine lets both sleep." Blushing at his complement.


I move his legs so they take up the whole coach then i lay in between them so my feet are by his face.

"Here." I giggle.

"What about my hat?" He said looking uncomfortable.

"Where it forwards." I shrug.

"No i look stupid like that." He says shyly.

"Fine." I say taking it from his head. I was about to place it on mine before i became suddenly insecure and just tossed it on the floor.

I gave him a nod before we both closed our eyes. I soon fell asleep to the patterns of his light snores.


When i woke up i looked over and saw James, i shake him awake and we stay in silence for a little bit.

"Food?" I ask.

"You read my mind!"

We both head downstairs and i was about to open the fridge before my eyes caught on a note that said to go across the street in girl hand writing.

"Leggo." James says from behind me as i nod.

We both head outside, thats when we realized we both weren't wearing shirts. We just shrug and head into my house.

When i get into the living room, i am pretty sure my heart stopped. In front of me i see Harry and Brooke sleeping on the coach together. The other 3 guys are sitting around watching TV.

I knew she would be friends with them but truth is i'm jealous. I like her... a lot. I am pretty sure everyone knows that! Except her, even when i do the most obvious things. And i guess Harry doesn't know. i dont know if he would be flirting with her this much if he knew, hopefully not.

Without thinking i jump on top of them.

"Ahhhh come on man!" Harry cries out in pain.

"NIALL!" Brooke yells, pushing me off of her.

That was not very smart.

"Sorry." I mumble sitting in between them.

"What happened to your wrist?" Liam ask.

I look and see there are still bruises from the drunk dick. I look over at James and his hands are in fist, he is just as mad as i am. I then look at her and she is begging me with her eyes to help her.

"She just fell, shes a klutz!" I say in a weird voice and a fake laugh. Everyone laughs a little while i can see her grinning at my stupid lie.

"So whats for breakfast?" James brakes the silence.

"Lets just go out." Brooke says rubbing her head, making me feel more guilty for jumping on her.

"Are we just going to eat all for 2 weeks?" Louis asks.

"Well its kinda hard to cook for 6 guys who eat like cave men!" Brooke fires back.

"How about we have a homemade meal at least 4 times?" Liam reasons.

Everyone aggress.

"So breakfast?" Zayn asks.

"More like lunch. Its 12!" Brooke says looking at her phone.

"Order Jimmy Johns?" Harry says.

"Yeah!" Brooke smiles which makes me head hurt.

I love seeing her smile, but i hate not being the reason for it.

"I will call." I say heading upstairs to get my phone.

"Why dont boys wear shirts?" I here her ask as everyone laughs.

I guess all the guys did not have any on either, which makes me mad again. I hit the bed a few times to calm down. I find my phone on the night stand and look up the number.

I walk down stairs telling them mine and Brook's order before handing it to the other boys to place theirs.

"I ordered for you." I whisper to Brooke.

She turns around and gives me a hard stair then went back to talking to Harry. I just looked back at the floor, not really knowing what to do.

After about a half an hour of watching TV the doorbell finally rang. Not that freaky fast.

Me and Harry both got up.

"I will pay." We both say at the same time which triggered a 5 minuet argument.

It stopped when we noticed the rest of the boys heading to the kitchen, us following.

"Who paid?" Harry asks.

Brooke raises her hand while sorting the sandwiches.

"Brooke." I say annoyed.

"You guys were taking to long." She shrugs. "Plus she was a total bimbo, probably a fan." She said handing me my sandwich.

"Hey!" Harry nudges her playfully.

I here her giggle before leaving the room.

"What was that for?" James asks sitting next to me with his sandwich.

"I just want to watch TV." I say acting like i am paying attention.

"Can we do something productive?" Brooke wines after another hour of TV.

I finally look at her, then down at the table to her sandwich that has two bites out of it.

"Thats all your going to eat?" I ask.

"Why do you care?" Harry asks.

"Yeah why?" Brooke smirks.

She knows i ?am not going to say anything about it in front of all the guys.

"Nothing." I huff in frustration.

I need to talk to her, to get her to eat more. Greg is going to kill me id she keeps eating a meal a day.

"How about some swimming?" James asks.

Everyone agrees before heading to their rooms.

I see James, Brooke and Harry all head out, them still talking. I look a way before stomping up stairs.

I was the last one out, besides Brooke who i still dont know wear she is.

I do a huge cannibal getting everyone wet. In the middle of laughing we all stop to look at the most gorgeous girl walking in.

She is so tall and tan and small at the same time. She had on a plain black small bikini that i couldn't get enough of. I am drooling.

I here a whistle and i look over to see it was Harry, who is sitting on a chair with sunglasses on. He smirks at her as she goes over and playfully hits him. She was about to sit on another chair before he grabbed her hips and laid her on his lap. I see the red scratch mark on her hips from that night, luckily no one els does.

I dont know what happened after that since i was too mad to even look at them and did a couple laps in the pool to clear my head.

We spent the rest of the day in the pool. Playing games, tanning, everything.

We got out at 6 and desisted to dry off a little before dinner.

Half an hour later we were all back in my kitchen.

"Chines?" I suggest.

Everyone just aggress, i dont think half of them were paying attention. I order a little of everything and head back to the living room.

2 hours later, we were all done eating still watching TV before it suddenly turns off.

Everyone yells before Harry speaks.

"We have been watching TV all day. Lets play a game to get to know each other."

"We live with each other smart one!" Zayn yells at him.

"Yeah but we dont know Brooke and she doesn't know us."

"Sounds fun." She smiles back.

Well this will be an interesting night...

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