You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


17. Chapter 17

I was currently at a large booth,

waiting for the boys to come back from sighing stuff for the fans. Even James is taking pictures!

"Hey." This guy around my age comes up to me in a uniform and speaks.

"Hello..." I say a little confused.

"Can you believe those guys?" He asks pointing to who will be joining me soon.

He takes a seat next to me in the booth. I look around and see the restraint is dead, excepted the outside which is packed.

"Oh i know!" I say trying to hold back a laugh.

"Who are you here with?"

"Oh they should be coming soon." I say seeing their is only a couple fans left.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

I raise my eyebrow. "No. Do you got a girlfriend?" I huff, getting sick of the same questions.


I nod well looking at the menu.

"Whats good here?"

"Chicken wings." He shrugs.

"Okay i will have them, not spicy and boneless though. Please?"

"Such a girl." He shakes his head.

"Hey!" I say like I'm offended.

"Try something new!"


"And to drink?" He says getting out of the booth, me winning the fight.

"I will have water." I say as all the boys pile in.

He gets shocked as i snicker.

"We were just talking about you." We laugh.

The boys just give us confused looks.

"I will have coke." Niall cuts us off.

All the boy agree and he leaves.

"Who was that?" James asks.

"He was keeping me company when you guys were gone." I say while looking at the menu.

"Sorry." Niall mutters.

"Does that happen a lot?"

"Everywhere we go." Harry says as he sets a hand on me knee.

I give him an annoyed look which he returns with a smirk. No one els notices since its under the table. I see the guy coming back with all our drinks.

"Are we ready to order?" He asks after setting our drinks down.

They all order some type of wrap i'm not familiar with. When their all done they all look at me waiting.

"I all ready ordered." I say as the guy nods and walks a way.

"Why did you order?" Niall asks.

"Chicken wings?" I shrug.

The boys talk to one another until the food gets here. I dont look up from my phone until Niall nudges me.

"Not hungry." I say, still not looking up.

"Brooke." He whispers to me. I almost forgot Greg told him that i dont eat much. Honestly i dont see the big deal.

I huff not wanting to cause a scene. I take a big bite from one of the wings before almost screaming.

I was about to grab one of my napkins before i saw writing on it.

'Their, you tried something new (;'

I rolled my eyes before batting my mouth with it and grabbing a sip of my water that managed to get by James. It did not seem to help much.

"What happened?" Niall asks.

"I tried something new." I say laughing a little. From anyone els it would be flirty, but i know that guy meant nothing by it.

"What?" Niall asks as i just shake my head.

"Do you like hot boned wings?" I ask the table.

Harry raises his hand next to me before we switch plates. He got a veggie wrap, for what resin i'm not sure.

I ate about half it before a old man comes by and clears our plates. I saw Niall was about to say something, but the man was gone.

I asked where our other waiter was, apparently he was on brake.

We all agreed to just head home for the night because of the long fight the 4 boys just had.

When we got there, after about 20 minuets of yelling, we decided that i would sleep in my bed. Zayn, Liam, and Louis will all sleep at Niall's house in his, his parents, and Greg and Denise's room. Harry would sleep in my parents room and James and Niall would sleep in James room since their is no more space. It wouldn't be the first time either.

After i made sure everyone was in their rooms, i went to get ready for the night. About 10 minuets later i plopped in my bed and tried to fall a sleep.

After just a couple hours with all these guys i concluded one thing, this was going to be an interesting 2 weeks...

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