You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


16. Chapter 16

"Where are we going?" James asks for the 10th time since we got in the car.

"Its a surprise!" Niall tells him again while driving his parents van to the airport. He does not even have his license and it shows.

20 minuets of asking where were going later, we finally pull up to the airport. Along with a couple hundred girls.

Soon i saw 4 boys emerge from the crowd with security. And a lot of tattoos.

"No way! Their staying with us for 2 weeks?" James smiles as Niall nods.

"I will drive" i say as the boys get out to say hi to them and i get in the driver seat.

After all the luggage is shoved in the trunk, James shotgun as the 5 boys fill in the back.

"I probably should have not tweeted about visiting Niall." The one with curly hair says as he looks out at all the girls.

"And who is this beautiful chauffeur?" The one with a brown quiff says as i pull out of parking lot.

"James sister." Niall answers for me.

"Why have we not seen you before?" The one with brown shaggy hair asks.

I just glare at Niall through the review mirror, not answering.

"She is a model. So she is umm busy." I chuckle at his excuse.

I see the curly hair guys head shoot up when Niall says model which makes me laugh again.

"How old are you love?" The one with black hair and stubble says.

Their accent are a little different from mine, even though mine is weird because of all the trips to America and England for long periods of time.

"16." I say, stopping at a red light. "Niall, why hasn't your accent changed?" I ask curiously.

"I think its cause we dont stay in one place for long. When you go to travel, you usually just go to LA or NY and London for a while right?" He asks.

I just nod in realization.

The rest of the way home is just a bunch of yelling from all the guys. This will be a fun 2 weeks.

I reach the road that separates our houses before speaking. "Who's house?" I ask Niall.

"Mine for now. We will figure out beds tonight and we can just move their bags."

They all give us strange looks and James explains. "We live across the street. Our house are big but we each only have three beds in each house. So someone will have to sleep on a coach or something."

They all nod and get out of the car to carry in all the bags. I get a good look at all of them and they are all hotter in person. I am not that surprised though since their the biggest boy band in the world.

I am usually afraid of people with a bunch of tattoos. But i just spent a whole car ride with them and i already know their the biggest dorks in the world. I'm just surprised they haven't convinced Niall to get one yet.

"Your only 16?" The only with curly hair asks. I need to learn their names.

"Yup." I am not much shorter then all of them since me and Niall are about the same size, but they make me feel smaller. I am even taller then James, but i will always be younger.

I head inside and lay down on the coach as the boys come in and out hauling bags. To my surprise their was not many.

"Any one els hungry?" Niall asks as all the boys cheer.

"Nando's?" James asks as the yelling got louder.

"Lego!" Some shouts.

"I'm just going to stay here." I say which makes everyone turn towards me.

"You guys go, will be out in a minuet." Niall says as they all head outside.

"I'm not hungry." I tell him as he glares down at me.

"Okay maybe i am. I will just eat here."

"No, i am in charge of your eating and your coming with me." He said grabbing my waist and throwing me over his shoulder.

When we get outside his grip loosens and i decided to do a backflip out of his grip like one of my cheer moves.

So when i see their is enough space, i throw my head back and hold my knees before sticking the landing.

They all stair at me like i'm an alien.

"I'm a cheerleader." I say as if its the most obvious thing in the world.

"Well lets see some more tricks." The curly hair one says getting closer to me before Niall pushes him and they start fake fighting in the corner and the rest of the boys are trying to do cartwheels and stuff like me.

I just sigh before getting in the car. "If you want Nando's, get in the car!" I yell out the window and a minuet later were heading to get food.

"Hey, dont take this offensively but can you guys tell me your names." I say quietly.

They all look at each other like i just said i hate chocolate.

"Your kidding." Someone says.

"Shes not." Niall says shaking his head.

Like i know a couple names but not really faces. Again, i dont have many friends and Greg and Denise aren't exactly fangirls.

"I'm Louis!" The one with a sorta shaggy hair says loudly.

"I'm Zayn." The one with black hair says, not looking up from his phone.

"I'm Liam!" The one with a quiff smiles.

"Harry." The curly one winks.

I just roll my eyes.

"How old?"





They say in the same order.

"Who has girlfriends?" I ask as James and Niall give me a look.

"What? I'm not flirting! I just want to get to know them. Your the one who forced me to come!"




"Single. For now." Harry says rubbing my shoulder.

I chuckle at him trying to flirt.

"What about you love?" Liam asked.

"My boyfriend just moved back to America so we desisted to brake up."

"Thats a shame." Harry pats my arm.

"He is still my best friend and always will be."

As if on cue, my phone flashes with Sam's name on it.

"Hey! How are you doing? Is it bad i miss you already?" I say as he laughs.

"I miss you too! Just telling you i finally am at home with my mom."

"Oh tell her i say hi! I promise i will visit soon!"

"Okay good so what are you doing?"

"I am currently driving 6 stinky boys around."

Which earns a bunch of yelling from the back.

"Your with One Direction!?" He asks in amassment.

"You know, its not good to text and drive love." Harry says in my ear which makes chills go down my spine and my eyes to roll.

"Who was that?"

"Harry, nevermind. What are you doing?" I ask while turing a corner.

"I'm about to go meet up with my old friends. Thats one plus on moving here! The only plus." He whispers the last part.

"How am i suppose to be supportive of you leaving when your not!?"

"I'm sorry your right, i shouldn't have said that. So have you been working on your promise?" I think back to the day he left.

"It's only been a couple days, plus school is out so its hard. I am just hanging out with these idiots." Which earned more yelling from the back.

"Have you been doing your promise?" I say in a mocking tone.

"Actually yes, we both have a Calvin Klein photo shoot at the end of the month."

"Oh." I say surprised.

"Okay i gotta go. Bye Brooke i will talk to you soon!"

"By Sam." I say slowly.

I look back at all the boys, wondering why they were mostly quiet through my conversation, and see them all on their phones.

A couple minuets later, i pull into the restaurant, to find girls waiting at the entrance...

"Okay, who tweeted?"



can you please read, comment, favorite, like, and fan!? I'm still kinda new to this sight, i usually post on Wattpad. So thanks for the help!

i know their not that age, Liam is dating Sophia, and that Zayn and Perrie our engaged in real life. i am not that much of a carrot its MY FanFiction and i know what i am doing!

Niall is home spending time with Greg Denise and his parents and thats awesome with this story! But in the story he is home for the summer. like the 2 month brake they had in between the tour after America.

If you want to picture Greg and Denise i would think of them a little younger. i dont have set characters for them so just use your imagination!


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