You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


13. Chapter 13


I finally wake up when i catch a glimpse of sunlight from my open curtain. I turn to the side and reach for my glasses so i can see the time, which i find out is much earlier then i expected.

I hop out of bed and the first thing i notice are my blue and purple wrists. I remember some guy, forcing me to make out with him. I life up my shirt and see red finger prints on my side. Obviously doing more damage then expected.

I sigh, slipping on a sweet shirt. Forget, ignore, move on. Thats what i am going to do. Thats all i ever do.

I go into James room, seeing him passed out on the bed in a odd way. Some one must have went and got him. His room smells worse then usually and i am guessing he threw up in here, not surprised.

I go downstairs expecting to see my parents, but no one els is here. I get bummed since its the first day of summer, we usually go to the amusement park and celebrate!

I walk across the street, guessing they will be at the Horan's. I find out i am right when i here loud chatter from the kitchen. I walk in to see the parents, Greg, Denise, and Niall, all standing around drinking coffee.

"Look who desisted to wake up." My dad says taking a bite of a muffin.

Everyone is still in there pajamas which i find extremely cute.

"Its only like 8:30." I say rolling my eyes.

"James still sleeping?" Greg asks.

"Yeah, and i think we need to clean his whole room again."

"He did not throw up again in their, did he?" My mother wines.

I nod as many chuckles form around the room.

"Why are you wearing a sweatshirt?" Greg asks.

"I-im just cold." I say way to quickly. He gives me a confused look before i try to change the topic.

"Where is Sam?" I ask, suddenly remember he thought i was kissing that guy.

"Wasn't their when i picked up James." Niall shrugs.

"Wait, are we going to the amusement park today?" I ask with big eyes.

"I thought she would forget." My dad mumbles.


"He's kidding, were all going. Be ready at 11." My mom says as the parents leave to the living room. Probably to watch TV and plan out snacks and sunscreen, boring stuff.

"You guys still do that?" Niall asks. Its true, we have done it since i was about 3 and have never missed a year.

"Cause she wont let it go." Greg says, pointing to me as i roll my eyes. Him and Denise head upstairs after washing there mugs.

"So i guess its just you and me." Niall smiles.

"Actually, i am going to Sam's house to see how he is and invite him with us." I say as he frowns.

"So i guess its just me."

"I am sorry"

"It's fine, i better go wake James up." I nod before we both awkwardly walk across the street.

The next half an hour was spent me getting presentable.

"I am taking your car!" I say popping my head in his room where him and Niall look tired and playing video games. I take his keys off his dresser and run out of the room before he can object.

The ride over their was short since he lives pretty close. I knock on his door and he opens it half way, stepping outside with me and closing it again. Before i can speak he gives me a quick kiss.

"Hey i just wanted to see how you were."

"You should have called first." He said looking down, scratching his neck.

"Is something wrong? Look let me explain last night it didn't ha-"

"I know Niall told me."

I give him a confused look as he continues.

"Look sit down, we need to talk." He says which can never be good.

"So in the morning, my dad was apparently looking everywhere for me. I got woken up by Niall and we talked for a while before my dad picked me up. He explained what happen and i am so sorry i did not listen, i was to wasted."

"Its okay." I say rubbing his hands.

"Which brings me to another thing. My mom found out about this whole thing, me drinking and all, not getting that good of grades this year, and not having many friends. So she said my dad is unfit for raising me and i have to move back to America." He says the last part really fast.

I want to start laughing, not believing what he is saying.

"Your serious?"

He just shakes his head, not looking at me.

"When are you leaving?"

"My plain leaves at night."

"When did you plan on telling me!" I say louder, standing up."

"I was going to! I just didn't know how." He says standing up also.

"But Sam." I choke back my tears.

"You are my only friend here."

"Yeah our relationship was great, but it was based off friendship. We always have and always will be friends before anything." It was true. He will always be my best friend, probably why we stayed together for almost a year.

"I am not going to have anyone." I sigh as i let a tear slip.

"Dont say that! You got Greg, James, Niall. Also people on the cheer squad. They may not be your friends, but their your team. You got all your modeling friends too." It was true i had a lot of friends from modeling, but i never wanted to get too close cause their all from all over and i know i wont see them much.

"Just promise me you will at least try to make new friends, real ones. And i promise to try my hardest to set up shoots together, and to come visit as much as i cant I know this is going to be hard but we need to be strong for each other." He says rubbing my cheeks.

"Can i come to the airport?"

"You dont want to do that, its just going to be harder for the both of us." I agree, i just cant stand the thought of him leaving.

"I guess this is goodbye."

"Not forever, for now. I will keep my promise and you need to keep yours. You will always be my best friend."

"Goodbye." I say before i lean in and kiss him. It was the last kiss we would be sharing and it was a great way to end it.

"I love you." He whispers as we slowly back away.

"I love you too." I say getting one good last look at him. I know i would see him soon. At least thats what i would need to tell myself.

As i get in the car i see him letting some tears out on the steps. He looks up and try's to give me a smile as i do the same before backing away before it hurts to much.

My best friend, well only friend is leaving and their is nothing i can do about it.

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