You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


11. Chapter 11

A week. The whole week went by already. I spent it with Niall. We caught each other up about what we missed the past three years. I learned all about his music, tour, and how much he has changed.

I also learned a lot about his bandmates, after Niall forced me to watch their movie, which was surprisingly really good. Niall and i got so close it was crazy. We were friends, but i could not deny the flirty side we both had towards each other.

The way we touched was not like friends at all, but i still have Sam. Who now that i think about it i have only seen at school this week. I just told my self it was cause of his football to make me sleep at night.

I was currently in school, the last day to be exact. Waiting for lunch, to spend more time with Niall oddly enough. Greg might come too, but him and James have been hanging out mostly and has only came once this week to lunch with me.

But Niall still has to come according to Maura and Greg trusts him i guess. He is really tough on me about eating but i am surprisingly getting better. Being with Niall is not that hard to eat.

The bell finally rings and i am the first out of the classroom. I decide to make a quick stop before i go to my locker.

"I missed you!" I yelled, setting my books down on a random desk and running up to her as people left her room for the last time.

"Sorry its the end of the year so i have been super busy you know! But i am going to you cheer state, whatever you call it after school with the moms." Denise says, hugging me back.

"I will try to get Niall to come to! Then we have to leave right after to go watch the boys kick some butt and win state too!" I said fist pumping.

"Whats the deal with you and him." She says wiggling her eyebrows at me.

"I dont know." I say blushing.

"You guys would be so cute!"

"Sam." I huff. It seems like thats my excuses for everything. I just dont even think about the question, just make an excuse.

"Oh yeah, you guys are cute too." She try's to save herself.

"Im going to lunch." I say grabbing my books.

"With Greg?" She says worried.

"And Niall." I nod.

She just smile and shakes her heads as we say are goodbyes and i head to my locker.

"Hey pretty lady." Niall says walking up to my locker. He is wearing his ray-bans, that i may or may not have broke, so now they are hipster glasses. I smile before we got cut off by someone coughing behind me.

"Hey Sam." I say giving him a peck.

"I have barely seen you! Why haven't you been at lunch?" He says glaring behind me, i know at Niall and no doubt in my mind he is mirroring him.

"The lunch here is gross." I make up a quick lie... Well not really a lie.

"But its the last day!" He wines.

"Sorry! I will see you later." I say quickly, giving him another kiss as i follow Niall outside.

"Why so grumpy?" I say pinching his cheeks.

"I dont like him." He grumps.

"Oh shush." I say hitting his chest playfully.

I see Greg's car in the front with him in it as i hop in the shotgun.

"Hey!" Niall yells getting in the back.

I turn around and stick my tongue out at him as Greg announces were going to Olive Garden.

"Why so fancy?" Niall asks.

"Cause me and Brooke have a big day."

"I wish you could come!" I pout.

"But yours is only an hour after ours! We need to be their at least two before!"

"Well i will come!" Niall says from the back as Greg rolls his eyes.

"Then you both and the moms better come right back over here to watch us win state!" Greg said yelling at the end.

"Easy tiger." I laugh at his cockiness.

"Sorry dont want to turn into Niall." Greg said lifting up a half smile as we both brake into a fit of laughter as Niall just glares at us.

"You know we dont mean it." I said reaching back and rubbing his cheek as he cracks a smile. His glasses are really cute.

Lunch was quick but fun. I am honestly proud of my self for the first time in a while of how much i ate. Greg and Niall even both give me a fist bump and a hug as we leave for eating so good.

I was nervous since state was in a couple hours, but i have not ate today and i wont tell after the meet so i dont throw up or something.

The last classes go by fast, and the whole squad gets to leave early cause the meet is half an hour a way. Most girls did not want to cause its the last day, but i could care less.

We are on the team bus now and they made the driver stop at Starbucks. I new i could not eat anything, so i just keep texting Niall...


"Go quickly!" I yell to my mom who is driving too slow. Niall and Denise just chuckle beside me.

We are on our way back to school to watch Greg and James state championship, with a first place state cheerleading trophy on my lap.

"I cant believe you can flip like that." Niall praises me and Denise agrees.

"Thanks, but my body is getting sore. I dont think i can go to nationals next weekend, they will just have to pick up another flyer." I say cracking my back.

"Good. You got a photo shoot then anyway." My mom says pulling into the school as Niall, Denise, and i, get out before she even shuts off the car.

"Your here, finally! Niall go fill up the water bottles." Greg says handing Niall the team set of them. "Brooke, i need you to go talk to James and Sam, their about to piss them selfs." He says pointing over to all the guys warming up on the field. "And you need to help me relax." He says in a deep voice, kissing Denise. I just make a gross face and walk a way.

I call James and Sam over in the middle of the field where no one is.

"Why do you both look like you have seen a ghost?"

"Look at them." I turn around to the other team, who are surprisingly huge.

"Do you know what that means?" I ask as they both shake their head. "You guys are all quicker then them. They cant move like you. I won state, now its your turn, go kick some butt." I say slapping their butts as they run back to practice.

"Thanks, and congrats on state!" Greg says as i pass him and drag Denise and Niall with me to the stands.

"I got state!" I say, giving my dad and Bob a high five.

"Thats my girl." They say smiling as i go back and sit in between Niall and Denise.

It was halftime, and to say their was yelling was an understatement. It seemed like our whole group took turns screaming at the field.

It was already 2-0 sadly, we were losing. The game came to a stop as both teams took a five minuet brake. Greg gestured for me to come down, and i know exactly why.

I pull James and Sam's jerseys back, away from the rest of the team.

"What?" They both glare at me.

"Dont give me that look! This is your fault." I say eyeing them.

"James. This is your last high school game! You dont even know if your going to play in college." He got accepted for football to some college in Ireland, five hours a way. But he does not know if he is playing for sure, since he will only be a freshmen. "Dont you want to leave this place as a hero?"

"And Sam! Yes, they may be twice your size but you are faster then they will ever be. Move your feet and block the ball with your life. Now go kick some butt, lets go."

Before i go up, i go whisper to Greg. "Number 6 cant kick with his left foot, i saw him limping. Tell the D to pressure him on the right side so the mid can steal it." I may not play, but James has his whole life and Greg has coached as long as i can remember, so i have picked up a few things.


My speech must have worked, since the guys won in a shoot out.

James, Niall, Sam, and i, are on are way to some girl from my teams house, who is having a huge end of the year/celebration party since we both won state.

We all still have our cloths on, but they said thats fine since its already late and everyone els is keeping them on too.

I did not really want to go, since i know this girl is a huge party animal, and her boyfriend is the biggest drug dealer at school.

When we got their i had a worse feeling. Only if i new what was going to happen tonight, i would have made us all go home right then.

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