You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


10. Chapter 10

I stayed in my bed for another hour until someone came in, rudely interrupting my phone time.

"WHAT." I yell to loud.

"Sorry, um parents want us down for breakfast. And i'm sorry for earlier, i was being a dick."

"Okay. And yeah you were."

"I know, i promise i will try to get better." He say, and i can see he is begging for my forgiveness."

"Fine. I will be down in a minuet." I say as he nods and closes the door.

I reach for my glasses on the night stand and head to the bathroom. I take out my retainer and brush my teeth. I put in my contacts and put light powder and mascara on my face. I pull down my hair from the bun on my head and brush it. I did not take a shower last night so i'm just out it up in a high ponytail and throw on a headband.

I cant believe i let Niall see my like that. The only other guys thats have seen me with my glasses our James and Greg. I just did not think much of it last night since i was not as found of him then. I just realized how hot he has gotten. And his abs, oh gosh. But i have Sam. I have Sam, i keep reminding me self.

I look down to see my clothes half off. I need to stop wearing James cloths to bed, i'm way to skinny no matter how comfy.

I go to my room and put on my lulu lemon tight leggings and under armer tang top.

I head down stairs to the kitchen table where Niall, James, Greg, and Denise all looked half a sleep and our parents looked like they had way to much to drink last night.

"Rough Night?" I chuckle, grabbing cereal and milk from the cabinet.

I just here a lot of moans in respond.

"We got donuts." My Dad says pointing to the rows of them in a white box.

I start to shake my head before Greg cuts me off.

"Eat one." He warned eyeing me.

I look down to see i was already dressed for a run, and i dont want to cause a scene.

I love donuts and fatty foods, i really do. It's all i ate the first 13 years of my life. But i know if i start, i wont stop. And unfortunately, Maura is the only one who knows this about me.

I am persistent, but i have no willpower.

I dont have confidence, but i'm beautiful.

I dont talk, but i cant shut up.

It just depends on my mood. I am weird.

i sit down with everyone and starts eating.

"Please finish it." Maura whispers to me as she passes to put her dish in the sink.

I look down at mu glazed donut, one bite left. I just eat it quick to get it over with before putting my dish in the sink too.

"Sorry this is such short notice but me and your father our leaving for the states today." My mom interrupts.

"Today?" I whine.

"Yeah, so we will be back in time for both of your the Football and Cheerleading championships." My father says.

"You will be staying here until were back." She tells us.

"We cant go home?" James asks.

"Well you can go get your clothes and stuff. I think it will just be easier to bring it here. But no, your not staying alone again." My dad said reminding us of James party he had about 2 weeks ago that i may or may not have had a part in.

"Well we have to get packing, flight leaves in 3 hours." My mom says as we all say are goodbyes and head out the door.

My parents are gone all the time with work. It would be way worse if i did not have Maura and Bob. I cant say its a bad thing since i love being alone. I just wish i could see them more.

Maura and Bob head upstairs for a well needed nap.

"I need to go grade some papers." Denise says heading upstairs.

"Give me an A!" I joke. I here her chuckle before she closes the door.

"We have training." Greg says, talking about his college team he assistant coaches.

"I am going for a jog." I say slipping on my socks.

"And will play COD." James says as they try to head upstairs.

"Not so fast! I want you boys to go jogging with her." Greg says as we all moan.

"Why it's not jogging! Its fricken sprinting for 3 miles! No when can go like her!" James yells.

It was true, i could run hours on end. I just loved doing it, and it helped me feel better about myself.

"He is to slow!" I say back.

"James, keep up. You need to get ready for state if you want to be starting forward. Brooke, slow down. It's not healthy. Niall go with them. You need to." He said patting his stomach.

"I'm fine." He said lifting up his shirt, showing his abs.

"Yeah, you can lift and do crunches. But you cant run for shit." Greg speaks the truth.

Niall turns red and pulls down his shirt.

"I'm leaving, and you guys are going. You can play COD after." He said grabbing his keys.

"Bye!" He says loudly. "I'm proud of you" he says kissing my forehead, only for me to here.

I smile as he leaves. But i know i'm just going to burn it off anyway.

"Go get ready." I say as they head upstairs to change.

They come back down a minuet later, in shorts and cut off shirts. I dont know how boys get ready so fast.

"I dont get how you just run for fun." Niall says as we all tie our shoes.

"I like the feeling." I shrug.

"Yeah, side pains and sweat, nothing like it." James teases.


After an hour of several

"Slow down!"

"Speed up!"

"How much longer?"


"I need to pee!"

We were finally home and panting at that.

"I am going to take a nap." James says spraying more water on him self as he heads upstairs.

I look at Niall and he just shrugs.

"Lets watch a movie." He says and i nod and get up to pick from their endless movie selection.

I finally choice 'The Proposal' and slide the disk in the box and press play.

I sit next to Niall on the coach who soon scoots over.

were only half way through the movie and he some how has managed to get an arm around my shoulder and another one on my thigh.

I feel weird since my first reaction should be to move a way, since i have a boyfriend. But i like the feeling so i chose not to move.

This is going to be an interesting week...

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