Forever night

Damon is a ordinary guy, who lives in a ordinary city with ordinary friends and a boring family. But then suddenly a strange man shows up. From that day on, everything changes.

(WARNING, There is blood and bad language in this story. AND spelling mistakes. 13+ please)


6. Whats next?

I tried to run, but my legs wouldn't anymore. I felt to the ground panting as i felt sweat running down my forehead. My eyes widend as i saw down on my hands, bleeding. 


I started crying that a flashback came to my head, I had just killed my dad? My mom must be scared. Maybe she didn't love me anymore? 

The moon was about to go down, the feeling it gave me felt great but something was wrong. My throat started to hurt. I turned around to see nothing but poor emptyness. Was i runned to far away from home? I didn't regonise this place. The light of the sun stroked my cheek, I feel down to the ground as i screamed. My cheek was on fire. I couldn't help but scream my lungs out. Suddenly the sky was cowered in gray dust. I havent seen anything like that in my whole life! It was amazing. I felt my cheek as i widend my eyes. My left side of my face was burned into the skull. I ran into a building, nobody was there so i was thinking.. Why not? I walked into the bathroom and looked myself into the mirrow.

"W-Whats going on with my face!? why does it burn so badly!"

Tears slipt from my right eye as my left eye was burned away together with everything else on my left side. I looked like a monster, but it was there! i saw my pointy fangs. It wasn't true! Had i become what i hated the most... a blood sucking beast.. a demon... a vampire..? 



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