Forever night

Damon is a ordinary guy, who lives in a ordinary city with ordinary friends and a boring family. But then suddenly a strange man shows up. From that day on, everything changes.

(WARNING, There is blood and bad language in this story. AND spelling mistakes. 13+ please)


2. My brothers death

I was on my way home and my brother held my hand, it was a warm feeling. We had always been close. I smiled at him.

"Damon.. you need to walk home alone from here."

I saw suprised at him. His eyes had changed. They were not happy anymore as they had been like.. forever. But this time was different. 

"W-what do you mean, All?"

All was a name i used for him when i was confused or sad. He pulled me a little away from him as he turned around and disappeared in the shadows, but before he did that he said strange words my ears couldn't understand.

"Be strong brother. We will meet again."

I tryed running after but he was gone. Like it had not even taken place. I started crying as i was screaming his name. everything was silent. But then i heard a scream out of the shadows. It was my brothers voice. I was scared but ran in the same direction as the scream. My brother hang in the arms of a dark hooded man. I could only see his teeth bithing deep into my brothers neck. My brother was dead with blood running down his now cold neck and down his shoulder. a gasp slipt out from between my lips. The dark hooded man looked at me as he growled slightly. But stopped as he dropped my dead brother and disappeared in the darkness.

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