More Than Friends

17 year old Hannah's best friend Is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Hannah and Louis have been best friends since the 1st grade and still are, but Hannah really wants it to be more than that. Does Louis want the same as Hannah? Will Louis want to give up their friendship? What about Eleanor? Find out by reading "More Than Friends".


2. The Kiss

Hannah's POV.

I am in bed, clutching my pillow of Lou. I got from Claire's in Crossgates mall. A knock is on my door. I throw the Louis pillow on the floor out of sight and shout "Come in!". Lou slowly walks in my room. "You okay Hannah?" I sigh. "Should I tell Lou about me liking him? Having a major crush on him?" "Not really". He sits beside me on the bed. "I know when my best friend is down" he says concerned. "Tell me. Your my best friend. You know that". I look down at my lap and blurt. "Lou...I want to be more than friends". His eyes widen a bit in shock. "What? But you know I love Eleanor". Hearing this makes my break even more. I didn't know he loved Eleanor. Tears run down my cheeks. "Lou I can't be your friend any more" I sniffle. "It's too hard. I love you". Lou frowns, helplessly. "I'm sorry Hannah" he says getting up. I sniffle again. I shut my eyes. "Bye Louis". He looks at the ground then says "Bye Hannah". He exits my room. I cry once he leaves. A minute later he comes back and kisses me on the lips. I'm so surprised but the kiss feels so good. I've been waiting for it forever and it finally came. He locks his eyes with mine and says "Listen Hannah. Please don't cry. I like you in a 'friend' way. But I love Eleanor. There's nothing I can really do about that". Once that's said, he is out my room and gone. I can't help but cry. Louis is the one I love and he doesn't love me back. I should of never thought he would of.

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