More Than Friends

17 year old Hannah's best friend Is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Hannah and Louis have been best friends since the 1st grade and still are, but Hannah really wants it to be more than that. Does Louis want the same as Hannah? Will Louis want to give up their friendship? What about Eleanor? Find out by reading "More Than Friends".


5. Lou's Heart Ache

Hannah's POV.

I am in bed, watching TV, when I hear the doorbell ring. I get up from bed and run to the door and open it. Lou stood there, tears running down his cheeks. "Lou!" I say. He swipes at his eyes. "What's the matter?" I ask concerned. He sighs, sniffling. I have honestly never seen Lou cry before. Only once in like 6th grade, when he broke his arm from falling off a scooter... but other that that, not at all. He is speechless. I take him by the hand and lead him to the kitchen able. "Sit' I say softly. He sits in the chair, and cries, his head in his hands. "Would you like some tea?" I ask him. He looks up. He looked miserable. "Yes, please". I hurry to make some tea, while Lou continues to sob. Once the tea is finished, I pour it in a mug and serve it in front of Lou. I sit across from him. "Seriously Lou, I would like to know what's the matter" I say gently.  He looks up. His voice shaking he says "So after you left, I went in my car to head over to Eleanor's". I nod. "And, I didn't ring the doorbell because the door was open a crack. But I wish I had rang the doorbell" he says quietly. "Keep talking" I say. "And there, with my own eyes, I saw..." his voice trails off. I look at him sadly. "I saw..." he says again. He shuts his eyes for several seconds. He then opens them. "I saw Eleanor making out with.... with another ... guy." My eyes widen in shock. "Oh my God, Lou... I'm so sorry". He shakes his head firmly. "Don't be sorry" he says. "It's not even your fault. It must be mine. Maybe I wasn't a good boyfriend. I wasn't was I?" he says quietly. He looks at me. "I wasn't was I?" he repeats. "You were a great boyfriend, Lou-" I start. "I wasn't!" he yells at me getting up from the chair. His mug of tea still sat, untouched. "I wasn't!" he sobbed.  He paces the kitchen floor. "You were Lou I-" I start again. "Hannah tell the fricking truth!! My God! I wasn't alright! I wasn't! I fricking God Damn wasn't!" He stomps out the room slamming the front door behind him.

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