More Than Friends

17 year old Hannah's best friend Is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Hannah and Louis have been best friends since the 1st grade and still are, but Hannah really wants it to be more than that. Does Louis want the same as Hannah? Will Louis want to give up their friendship? What about Eleanor? Find out by reading "More Than Friends".


3. Alone

Hannah's POV.

For the past couple days, I don't see Lou. It's simple- it doesn't seem like we're best friends anymore. Maybe not even friends at all. So for the past couple days also, I have been all alone. Stuck in my house. It was morning right now, so I head to the kitchen to fix myself some breakfast. I fix myself a small bowl of Frosted Flakes, and pour some milk into it. Then I sit at the table, and munch on the delicious sugary flakes. Once I have finished eating, I decide to go to Starbucks. I get in my car, and drive down the street. MY mind was all over Lou. I missed him a lot, too. Soon I am in the parking lot of Starbucks. I park the car, and head inside. As I order myself a Cotton Candy Frappe, I see Lou, in a corner at a table by himself, on his phone. "Hey" I say. Lou looks up from his phone. "Hannah". He rises from his chair, tucking his phone in his pocket. "Cotton Candy Frappuccino to Hannah" says the employee holding the drink out to me. "Thanks" I say taking it from him. "We need to talk.." says Lou nervously. I shove a thick straw into my drink. "Okay" I say. I sit across from him at a table and he says "Eleanor and I...we're have been getting closer nowadays". My eyes dart to the floor. "And...I want us to be ..friends again" says Lou slowly sipping his latte. I so nothing. I was speechless. I wanted to be more than Lou's friend. But I guess it was better than not seeing him at all. "Okay" I say simply. "We can be friends again". A small smile appears on Lou's face. "So we all good?" he asks. I blush nodding. "We're all good" I say smiling. "Okay with that how about we go bowling?" suggests Lou. "Yes I love bowling" I say happily. "I know" says Lou grinning. "And I'm going to beat you today!". "Oh yeah?" I say. "Yeah!" he says. We leave Starbucks and he says "Meet me at Harry and my flat". "Okay!" I say hopping into my car. I start the engine, and start backing out the parking lot. As I drive to Harry and
Lou's flat, I thought how I guess being friends with Lou wouldn't be too bad...

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