Jack Frost, Jamie, And Pitch Black

Basically Jack Frost and Jamie have been captured by Pitch Black in an attempt of him gaining more believers and more power. There will be torture, sexual content and questionable language so be warned!!


2. Airless

    Okay well here's chapter two! After getting some reviews I decided why not? Can't harm anyone! Well...Maybe Jack and Jamie.......;P
    Pitch tightened his grip on Jamie, making her wince a little. She struggled once again, even though she knew it wouldn't make much difference. Jack flew forward at lightning speed but froze when Pitch put a hand around Jamie's neck. Jack's eyes widened and his already pale skin seemed to grow paler. "Pitch. Let her go." he said calmly.
    Pitch's eyes narrowed. "No." He tightened his grip on Jamie's throat, cutting off her air supply. She threw her hands up and scratched at the hand crushing her windpipe desperately trying to pry it off.
    "Pitch!" Jack screamed in frustration. He silently called on his friend, Wind, to help. Wind listened to the one it loved so much and quickly grabbed hold of Pitch's ankle. Wind yanked with all her might and Pitch cried out in surprise. He released Jamie and was slammed into the tree behind him. "Thank you!" Jack said under his breath.
    He flew over to Jamie who was kneeling and gasping to get air. He knelt down beside her and put a hand on her warm back. "Are you alright?"
    She looked up into his icey blue eyes fill with worry and nodded. "Yeah. I think so." she said breathlessly. Behind her, Pitch was starting to get up....
    He helped Jamie to her feet. "I need you to run. Get out of here as quickly as you can!" he said.
    Jamie shook her head. "No. No way. I'm not leaving you!" Jack squeezed her shoulders lightly. "There's no time to argue. Please. Do it for me. I need to know that you'll be safe..." Jamie sighed and reluctantly nodded her head. Jack nodded back and pushed her away from him lightly. Jamie took off running as fast as her feet could carry her. Behind Jack, Pitch stood up and yelled, "You little brat! You'll pay for that!"
    At the sound of Pitch's voice, Jamie stopped and spun around. "Go!" Jack yelled. A tear rolled down her cheek and she started running again.
    Why am I crying?! God! Stop being so weak, Jamie! Jack is strong. He defeated Pitch before, and he'll do it again! There's nothing to worry about!
    When Jamie got out of sight Jack sighed, relieved. Then he turned to face Pitch. Unfortunately, he waited too long to turn and Pitch was already on him. Pitch pinned Jack to the ground and hissed, "You will pay!" Then he brought a ball of nightmaresand down on Jack's head. The darkness closed in on him and hi last thought was, at least Jamie's safe, before he gave into it.
    Sorry this one was short too! But I'm heading out to watch Catching Fire again so I only had a little bit of time but I HAD to get this out of my head and on here for you guys! I promise I'll try to update at least one more time today!!

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