Draco Malfoy and the Rejected Handshake

A scrapbook of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone from Draco Malfoy's point if view. Made for laughs, enjoy!


27. Bonus Chapter (Lucky you, readers!)

Well, you know, we couldn't quite leave this book behind just yet, so we HAD to add this little surprise in!

So what did everyone else in Hogwarts see when they looked into the Mirror of Erised? Because obviously they did. At some point. Definitely. We are NOT just making this up...

Draco Malfoy: Read chapter 23!!!!! 

Harry Potter: Standing with his parents... NOT! Starring in a best selling book series, with eight massive hit films made about him, thousands of collectible mini figures and merchandise and a following of over a million fan girls. (And boys. Including the awesomeness that is Draco Matilda Malfoy.)

Hermione Granger: Getting 101% in her N.E.W.T Examination. That's 1% more than she expected! ... OR... Standing in a white wedding dress next to Victor Krum. Who she hasn't met yet...... DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!!!

Ron Weasley: Quidditch captain, Head Boy and handsome, girls following his every move all at the same time.

Severus Snape: Sitting on a couch with Lily Evans eating Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.

The Dark Pizza: Taking over all of the wizarding world... WAIT A SECOND... Opening a pizza store that sells only black colored pizzas!!!

Minerva McGonagall:  Something so secretly secretive that even the secret thing that is the secret mirror of Erised can't let anyone in on this secretly secretive secret.

Pansy Parkinson: Slapping Draco in the face. And then marrying Goyle.

Dumbledore: Socks... just socks... plain old socks... that's all... OR IS IT?

Crabbe: Crabbe is eating a black coloured pizza wearing a tiara with the words 'Henchman 1' on it.

Goyle: Goyle is eating a black coloured bogey wearing a tiara with the words 'Henchman 2' on it.

Popsicle: Having his hair dyed bright pink whilst watching his favourite episode of Winnie The Pooh.

Hagrid: Having a day where his beard DOESN'T get singed.



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