You & I

Niall decides he wants to hang out with Taylor after hearing her playing the guitar and talking to her, she seems so nice and trustworthy. Taylor is amazed that a hugely famous, and gorgeous, celebrity wants anything to do with her.

However, Niall can't help falling in love.


6. Never Would've Guessed

The next morning, I awoke to the morning sunlight streaming in through my open curtains. I must have forgotten to close them last night. I yawned and swung my legs out onto the carpeted floor, and sat up on the edge of my bed. Max came pattering in, his tail wagging. I sat and stroked him for a bit, still half asleep, before deciding to finally drag myself out of bed to the kitchen. After I had sorted Max's breakfast, I checked my messages whilst slowly eating a bowl of cereal. Niall had told me to come about twelve. It was ten now. As it usually took me a long time to get ready, I started getting dressed. I wore a white top with dark blue stripes with the denim jacket that I wore to the picnic on top. Instead of shorts, I wore black leggings and a pair of grey converse high-tops. Eventually - after putting on a bit of makeup, brushing my teeth, brushing my hair, washing my face etc - I was ready. It was five to twelve. I set off walking to the hotel, I'm a quick walker. When I entered the hotel lobby, I suddenly realised I had no idea which room they were in. I quickly checked the messages. 301. I went up two flights of stairs to the third floor. Their room was the second one along. 300, then 301. I knocked on the door. Louis answered. He smiled.

"Hey, Taylor, love." He greeted politely. So Niall had obviously told them about me, if Louis recognised me.

"Come in." he added, opening the door wider. A couple of girls were dithering at the end of the hall, watching me. I shyly stepped inside. The room was quite messy - the beds weren't made and and clothes were strewn across the bathroom floor. Then again, I expected it from these crazy boys. Harry was shirtless - sat on the end of a bed watching TV. Louis went to get Niall from the bathroom. Liam was talking to Zayn about something, I heard the words 'fans' 'lyrics' and 'song'. Niall came back through beside Louis.

"Hey, Taylor." he grinned, coming over to me and giving me a small hug.

"Thanks for inviting me over." I replied, smiling.

"As you can see...we tidied up for your visit." Harry shouted from the other side of the room, turning his head away from the TV. 

I laughed, they probably actually did, even if it was hard to tell. Niall introduced me to each boy, and we chatted for a bit. They were all just as good looking in person as they were on the TV, though I expected there to be some kind of makeup. After about an hour, we were all hungry.

"McDonalds?" Niall suggested. We all laughed, and nodded. Niall sure did love his food. Unfortunately, there was no Nando's nearby.


Most of the boys wore sunglasses - I'm not sure if it was to disguise them or because of the sun. If it was for disguise, then they didn't do a good job. Anyone would recognise them from a mile away. We walked into McDonalds and a group of teenagers swarmed the boys immediately. I awkwardly kept out of the way, and a few girls glanced at me. I tried to act like I wasn't with them, walking up to the counter to order. Eventually, the others caught up and ordered with me.

We sat at a large table at the back, on the sofa type seats. I sat next to the window, looking out while we waited for our meals. I ordered a chicken nugget meal with a strawberry milkshake, and a dairy milk chocolate McFlurry for afterwards. Over our meals, we laughed and talked while flicking fries at each other and messing around with straws. 

"What's it like being famous, and loved by practically everyone?" I asked, sipping my milkshake and nibbling on a chicken nugget.

"It's great. Of course, we love all our supporters but sometimes it gets a bit too much." Liam answered.

"We can't really go anywhere without cameras being shoved into our faces, or being swarmed by people." Louis added, and Zayn spoke after.

"If we are seen with people that are not known or famous, the public have to know who they are and what they are to us." he sighed.

"It's pretty tough and tiring-" Harry chipped in.

"But we love it all the same." Niall finished.

I nodded, taking it all in. It did seem pretty glamorous, but not much privacy.

After we finished eating, we headed back to the hotel. Of course, fans filed into the lobby but we managed to get through them all. We relaxed a little longer until Niall suggested he take me back home. I agreed. We were walking down the streets when photographers started asking us questions. Was I his girlfriend? How long had we known each other? How close were we? I shook my head. 

Niall waved them away, but some still persisted until we got to my front gate.

"I had fun - you lot are great." I  thanked him, when we got to my door. 

"Me too." he smiled, and gave me a friendly hug. The cameras flashed away - but I didn't really care, we were only friends...right? I was about to go - but Niall stopped me.

"Taylor...can I ask you one thing?" he asked, hopefully.

I nodded, unsure of what he was about to say.

"I've had fun this past week, and I wanted to ask you something." he breathed in. "Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked shyly, in his innocent Irish accent. I almost melted right there on the spot. It took me a moment to process his words through my brain. I'd only known him a week, but we'd spent so much time together it seemed like forever.

"Yes." I whispered, looking straight at him. 

He smiled, and leaned forward. He cupped his hands around my face, and pressed his soft lips against mine. I felt dizzy, and loved every moment. Then we broke away. 

"See you later." he replied softly, his eyes shining.

"You too." I nodded, dazed. I slowly turned away and went inside. He gave one last little wave, then he was gone. I sat down on the sofa and untied my shoelaces. I loved Niall. And he loved me.


I never would've guessed.
















































































































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