You & I

Niall decides he wants to hang out with Taylor after hearing her playing the guitar and talking to her, she seems so nice and trustworthy. Taylor is amazed that a hugely famous, and gorgeous, celebrity wants anything to do with her.

However, Niall can't help falling in love.


2. Hang Out Sometime

I didn't expect him to actually come in. I mean, he was a busy celebrity right? But I guess One Direction has always been pretty down to earth compared to other famous people. Niall was wandering over to the wooden decking, looking at the guitar. It was nice-looking, and had been expensive. I followed him, and he hesitated to sit, looking at me. I nodded and he sat, with me next to him.

"You can play it if you want." I told him. He smiled and gently picked it up to play.

After a few seconds I realised it was the tune of Little Things, his playing was beautiful. He was mouthing the words. I was sat there listening, with a smile on my face. Eventually, he finished and looked up at me.

"That was great!" I grinned, taking the guitar as he handed it to me.

"Thanks." Niall said, I loved his Irish accent. It was so sweet.

"So...what are you doing around here?" I asked, I would've thought he would be recording a new song or be out at an interview.

"Well, we're staying at a hotel nearby and I was on my way to the shop - then I heard your wonderful playing." he explained, flashing me a smile. I was pretty sure my cheeks were at least pink, most likely red. 

"I love your songs, the lyrics are so well put together and the music just fits perfectly." I added.

"Well, we try." Niall chuckled, glancing around my garden. Something vibrated.

I thought it was my phone, but it was Niall's.

"Ah, I have to go." He apologised, reading a text. I assumed it was one of the boys.

"Okay..." I replied, a little disappointed but he couldn't stay forever. Not that he'd want to stay anyway.

Just before he opened the gate to leave, he turned around to me. 

"What's your last name?" he asked, curiously.

"Deep." I replied, without another thought.

He nodded, and smiled. "I'll talk to you later." he said, then left.

I didn't think he meant he'd actually talk to me later, but it turned out he did. 


I logged onto Facebook that night, sat in bed with my laptop in front of me. I had a friend request from a 'Nialler James' and I ignored it, thinking it was another fake/fan account. But then I got a message from that account.

Nialler James - Hey, Taylor. I said I'd talk to you later :) Maybe we could hang out sometime? You're really nice.


It took me a few minutes to process it and take it in - and to actually believe that Niall Horan wanted to hang out with me. I slowly typed back a reply.


Taylor Rose Deep - Thanks, do you really mean it? I'd love to hang out with you sometime :)


Then, within a few minutes, he messaged back:


Nialler James - Of course I mean it, I'll message you tomorrow. Night :P


I sat back on my bed and closed my eyes. Niall Horan wanted to hang out with me. Niall Horan wanted to hang out with me. I suddenly felt really excited for tomorrow, like I should've been when he first suggested it. Obviously, I wouldn't tell my friends.

They'd be camping at my house until they caught sight of him, or at least outside the hotel and I didn't want that. It would mean more hassle for One Direction, especially after Niall had trusted me that I wouldn't stalk him or help anyone else to.

I turned off my laptop, and tried to get to sleep to make the night go faster.

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