You & I

Niall decides he wants to hang out with Taylor after hearing her playing the guitar and talking to her, she seems so nice and trustworthy. Taylor is amazed that a hugely famous, and gorgeous, celebrity wants anything to do with her.

However, Niall can't help falling in love.


8. Didn't Need Telling Twice

I was to meet Niall at the hotel at twelve, and then he would take me to the studio. I set an alarm on my phone for nine, I had three hours to get ready. Honestly, I would have preferred longer but I didn't want to wake up any earlier. At least I had some time. There was no time to waste as soon as my eyelids snapped open. I fed Max quickly, and then scanned my wardrobe for an outfit. I wasn't sure how to dress - casual, top and jeans with trainers? Or did I have to be in like a dress and heels? That stressed me out. I tried to remember other interviews, most of 1D's were quite casual. But maybe they'd expect different from a girl? I sighed. In the end, I chose the middle.


I wore a glittery sliver top with my black leather jacket on top, complete with the necklace that Niall bought me. I then wore black skinny jeans, almost like leggings, and my favorite shoes - Converse. With my hair, I just did the same as I always did, a braid around the back. For makeup, I used concealer, mascara, lip gloss and blush. I didn't want to overdo it, but at the same time I was going to be on live TV! As Niall Horan's girlfriend. That was definitely something. Finally, I was done. I had painted my nails last night with crackle nail polish - black and silver. Soon I was on my way to the hotel, avoiding anything that may mess up my appearance. I also had to be careful of...people. Now they knew who I was, it was hard to hide. Niall met me outside the hotel, and we went on a half hour drive to the studio for our interview. 

"You look beautiful." Niall assured me, his eyes shining.

" look really good too." I replied. He was wearing a fairly smart outfit, with a hint of casual. He smiled, and carried on driving. At the studio, we waited backstage for about half an hour. Then, at one, the interview began.


I shifted my weight around in the hard chair, trying to look normal. Truthfully, I was nervous. These people could be fierce if you weren't good enough. Niall squeezed my hand comfortingly, and I held on tight. A woman with a microphone approached us, and sat down in a soft chair beside us.

"Right now, I am here with One Direction's Niall Horan and his girlfriend, Taylor Rose Deep." She announced brightly to the camera. I flinched at my name. She turned to us.

"How long have you two been dating?" she asked. Well. It was obvious what type of questions we would be answering. I glanced at Niall.

"A few weeks." He answered, and I smiled and nodded to look involved.

"Where did you meet?" the woman asked, curious. I didn't want to look mute, so I answered.

"Well, I happened to be playing a few songs on my guitar - in the back garden." I began.

"I heard the music, and wondered where it was coming from. That's when I noticed Taylor, looking beautiful, playing her guitar." Niall added.

"I didn't even notice he was there until I stopped and he clapped. From there, we talked and met up again." I finished. 

The woman smiled, listening and nodding intently. 

"How lovely." she commented. Then came another question. "How are you dealing with the...not so enthusiastic fans?" she asked, slightly sympathetic. I shot a confused look at Niall - I hadn't heard anything about this. 

"We're coping - of course it's not the best thing to read or hear but it's what happens." he said quickly. 

"Let's take a look, shall we?" the woman said reluctantly, clicking a button. 

A projected screen flashed up, with pictures of tweets. Niall shifted uncomfortably. He had some explaining to do. 

I read them, curious but worried. 


@TaylorRose doesn't deserve Niall, she's just an ugly b****

@TaylorRose Slut. 

@TaylorRose Niall is mine, go die. You stole him.

@NiallOfficial Why would you love her? She's a f****** whore


The words were starred out, but I knew exactly what they were and what they meant. A lump formed in my throat, and tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn't do this. I couldn't break down on TV. I had to hold it in, be strong. I couldn't even look at Niall, or the screen. I'd start crying. All these people - they don't even know me but they want me to die? Because I love someone? It doesn't make sense. Why? All I could do is focus on the woman, who was smiling sympathetically. I didn't want her to feel sorry for me. I wanted her to scream at me for being weak, tell me to be strong. In the end, I stared into space, unaware of what I was seeing.

"Yeah, I mean it's pretty harsh. They don't see how important Taylor is to me. They think they're just hurting her, but really they're hurting me and the other boys in the band too, since we're all friends." I heard Niall say, but I couldn't concentrate. I wanted this damn thing to end. I sure as hell hoped my mascara was waterproof for when I finally did break down.

"Um, how much longer is this going to run?" Niall whispered. The woman understood.

"Well, I think that's it for now. We hope to see you soon, and stay happy." she announced, still bright and happy for the camera. We were dismissed once the cameras were off. I didn't need telling twice. Not even once. 


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