Shadows In Darknes

Shadows In Darkness is the second book in the series with Dynamic Skull.
Bert now has an assistant who isn't quite normal...


11. The Council Infinite

     The room that Grand Mage Wahrheit sat in was, in his eyes, lacking stylish furniture.  It bore a long wooden table with long chairs placed neatly around it, and the man sitting at the head of it had a long face and a long mouth.  He too, was very long, and in Grand Mage Wahrheit’s eyes, lacked stylishness.  Funnily enough, this was the man at the head of the table’s room.

     “Hello,” The man at the head of the table said. “As you know, I am Baron Silicome.  I will be filling in for Quentin Strut, the leader of the Council Infinite.  Now, we have some bad news.  Mr Strut was murdered last night.  By none other, than the Sorcerers Academy of Mill Hill.”

     Everyone in the room was astounded.  This couldn’t be.  The shock had infected the mouths of all the Grand Mages and High Priests in the room.  Suddenly, the meeting had turned into an argument.

     Wahrheit raised his voice. “We have some more news… if you please, Gasp.”

     “Yes,” High Priest Meschrut Gasp said. “We have found a way into their Main Building that not even their Council now about.”

     Nods of appreciation splashed around the room.

     “We only have one problem.” Gasp continued. “Who’s going to go?”





Bert and Marlena trudged back to the S.A.M in a foul mood.  When they arrived, they found Baron Silicome wearing shackles, being escorted to a cell by two Rippers.  “They’re new.” Marlena said, pointing at the Rippers.

     “Indeed,” said Bert. “And a very grumpy Baron Silicome.  Well… that isn’t very new, but I’d love to see what they’ve arrested him for.”

     “Me too.”

     Administrator Reverie Birch strode swiftly and elegantly up to them.  She nodded to Silicome.  “He’s been a very bad boy.”

     “I can tell.” Marlena replied.

     “He tried to break into the Main Building via The Corridors.  He nicked an artifact from one of the glass cases on his way.” Birch said. “Luckily it’s now restored to its rightful place:  In an even safer container.”

     Bert walked over to Silicome and halted the Rippers.  “What happened and how did you get in?” Bert asked.

     “We thought we found a way to get into your Main Building, but the underground tunnels were crawling with Rippers and Red-hoods.  I came across a few Torments, but not many.” He said. “Anyway, I got through there without causing any harm and scurried through to ‘The Corridors’, as you call them.  I accidentally knocked one of the artifacts down from a shelf which set off the alarm.  I sprinted into the Main Building where they caught me.”

     “I don’t think you said the entire truth there, Baron.” Bert said. “First of all, in the underground tunnels which are called The Riddles, you killed every single one of our Red-hoods, but you stayed away from the Rippers and Hollow Men.  Also, you didn’t ‘accidentally nock an artifact of one of the shelves’, you stole it and hid it in your jacket pocket and brought a fight to us, which we won easily.  What do you have to say about that?”

     “Screw you.” He snarled.

     “Alright.” Bert said.  He signaled for the Rippers to lead him off, and walked away silently.

     He shuffled into the Council’s Room, where Reverie Birch was scrawling something down on a post-it note.  High Priest Patrick Tipstaff and Grand Mage Olaf Shudder were reading some sort of document without any interest at all.  When they noticed Bert standing in front of their desk, they put down the heap of paper and smiled broadly.

     “Sorry to disturb you-“

     No, no.” Shudder said. “We would have extraordinarily happy if you had interrupted us; this is stretching the boundaries of boredom.  Please, continue.”

     “You have heard about Silicome, right?”

     “Yes, yes.” Tipstaff said.

“Well, he’s just been talking to me, and I think the Council Infinite have found a way into the Main Building from The Riddles.  They know of a secret passage that leads you to The Corridors.”

     “So, it’s time for some interrogation then, isn’t it.”

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