Shadows In Darknes

Shadows In Darkness is the second book in the series with Dynamic Skull.
Bert now has an assistant who isn't quite normal...


10. Surrounded

     Marlena’s cell was a small, cube shaped room with no windows.  It was around four metres high, and four metres wide in every direction.  It was a tasteless, white sort of colour, with no real influence.  There was a small door, about the size of a small child, which was the entrance and exit of the cell.  Of course, the door was locked and multiple guards stood outside, all with strong magic.  She was taking up the room of an eleven year-old kid who was being ‘experimented’ with.  Marlena wasn’t sure what they were experimenting on, and she didn’t want to even think about what they might be doing.

     The small door opened and a guard stuck his face through the small hole.  She was beckoned out of her cell.  The guard led her out and she followed him through winding corridors after winding corridors.  They came to a dead end.  Marlena turned to the guard, just in time to see him whack her over the head with a club.





     When Marlena woke, she was sat on a chair, with iron straps around her wrists and ankles, fastening her to it.  Veronica Shadows stood in front of her, somewhat amused.

     “Hello, little sister.” She said. “How are you feeling?”

     Marlena groaned, feeling dazed and woozy.

     “Oh, I see, your head’s still hurt from the club.” Shadows said, feeling artificial pity. “Maybe I should give you a small wake up shock.”

     She grabbed her control panel and scanned over the switches and buttons.  “Aha.” She said, and tapped a blue pad.

     Marlena screamed as five hundred volts of electricity surged through her body, shaking her until she dropped.  She slumped over, head down, on the verge of falling into the realms of unconsciousness.  Shadows reckoned that it didn’t work so she zapped a few volts up Marlena’s backside.  Marlena sat bolt upright, shocked.

     “Why, good… What time is it?”


     “Well, good afternoon, then.” Marlena said, cheerfully.

     “It’s the morning.” Veronica corrected.

     “Oh,” said Marlena, realizing that the room was windowless, like her cell.

     “Yes.  Indeed it is.” A new voice this time.

     Shadows spun round.  It was her time now, to be the fool. “Who’s there?” she demanded.

     A force of air hit her like a wall.  Shadows flew backwards and smashed into a mirror.  She shrieked and fired green streaks towards the nearest shadow.  A howl of pain came from that corner.

     “Hello.” She sneered and strode towards the sound.

     A man was writhing on the floor and he stared up, terrified, at Shadows.

     “Why, Bert Mensoray, what a nice surprise.” She said, faking her merry mood.

     Bert raised his hand up, palm facing Shadows, trembling.  The Electrocution Ring glowed an extraordinary shade of blue.

     “What’s this?” Shadows asked teasingly.

     Bert didn’t have time to answer because a moment later, Veronica Shadows was on the floor with a few hundred volts of static electricity zipping around her nervous system.

     “What’s this?” Bert asked. “Well it’s an Electrocution Ring, that’s what it is.”

     Shadows groaned as Bert fastened shackles around her wrists.  Shadows hated shackles, not just because they drained your magic and restrained your freedom of movement, but because your magic was dangled there, right under your nose, just out of reach.  Like a cat pawing at a piece of string.

     A man in a white lab coat which hung loosely on his skinny frame walked into the room, stopped in his tracks.  He quickly pulled a little controller with a single red button out of his coat pocket.

     “If you press that button and set off the alarms, you will suffer much more pain.” Bert said threateningly.

     The lab-coat man pushed the button.

     Red lights splattered the room with blood and the sound of feet echoed in nearby corridors.  The cuffs trapping Marlena down popped open and she sprang out the chair.

     “Yes!” she said.

     Bert grabbed the lab-coat man and threw him onto the Shadows’ torture chair.  The iron cuffs immediately slapped into place.

     “Now… let’s see…” Bert said, his eyes scanning Shadows’ panel loaded with buttons and switches. “Aha!  A red button.  What was it that you just pressed on your own little controller for something rather?  Oh, yes… a red button.  Well, here goes.”

     Two bars flipped into place on either side of the lab-coat man’s neck.

     “Uh, oh.” Bert said, just before the two bars forced their way through the lab-coat man’s tender neck cartilage and collided in the middle.

     Bert and Marlena didn’t have time to cringe because all of their exits were suddenly guarded by Mages, Red-hoods, and Hollow Men.  Marlena looked at the man in the white lab-coat, who’ neck had been totally crushed.  Was that…no. Wait, yes…that was Quintin Strut.

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