Shadows In Darknes

Shadows In Darkness is the second book in the series with Dynamic Skull.
Bert now has an assistant who isn't quite normal...


13. Shadows' Plan

     Silicome lunged but Bert stepped to the side, making him ram into the bars which kept him in the cell.  Silicome collapsed.  Bert swung an elbow which met Silicome’s jaw with a crunch.  He kicked the side of Silicome’s knee as he tried to stand, caving it inwards.

     “What was that?” Bert asked, making his way back out of the cell. “You were going to kill me?”

     “Yes.” He said, standing up.

     He lifted his palm and white light burst out, hitting Bert square on the chest.  He flipped back, crushing his ribcage against the wall behind.  Marlena immediately rushed over to help Bert get up, while Birch and Shudder screamed at Silicome and Tipstaff called for Synecdoche through a walky-talky.

     Bert wheezed and breathed heavily as Marlena cradled him to keep him from more harm.  Silicome laughed cruelly while shudder placed magic-draining shackles around his wrists and transferred him to a cell which was a one of a kind.  It had walls on every side, and was guarded by three rippers, seven Red-hoods, four Hollow Men, and five standard elemental Mages.

     A hole appeared in the wall facing them and Shudder threw him through it.  The hole sealed behind Silicome and left him in darkness.

     “He won’t be getting out of there any time soon.” Birch said.

     “I agree,” said Shudder. “How long do you think before we give him his first meal?”

     “When we try and find out where this tunnel is that he has found.”

     “Clever thinking, Reverie.”

     Synecdoche arrived with a whole bag full of treatments and cures.  He looked at Bert’s injuries and cringed.

     “That’s very nasty.” He said. “It’ll hurt, but you should have this anyway.”

     He brought out a small bottle from her bag and gave it to Bert.

     “Have a few drops.”

     Bert did as he was told, and started convulsing on the floor as his ribs mended themselves.  They flicked back into place from their shattered state.  He screamed and Silicome smiled to himself when he heard the pain on Bert’s lips.  Bert’s body snapped back and he fell into unconsciousness.

     “It’ll be a couple of hours before he wakes up again, but that should have done it.” Synecdoche said. “I’ve got to go.  There are some patients in the hospital wing who need constant treating.”

     “OK, Bye.” Marlena said. “Now, let’s get you on a comfortable bed.”




     Veronica Shadows phoned Marlena and told her to do something to get the Mill Hill council and the rest of the world to know that Marlena was not really on their side.  Marlena hung up without answering.  Typical.

     Shadows didn’t like her office.  It was boring.  A big bland table had been plonked in the centre of the room.  That was the worst thing about it.  She summoned her guard into the room.  He was a large man, with muscles covering his body.  He was unarmed.  Mainly because no swords or bullets could puncture his skin.  The other reason was because his fists were the equivalent to weapons.  They could tear a man apart.

     “I want to bring back the Peaceless Ones, the Dark Gods of another realm.  But to do that, we must build an army and open the portal to let them through into our world, and they will destroy it.”

     The guard nodded.

     “So go out and find Adepts, Witches, Red-hoods, Energy-Throwers, Hollow Men.  I want the whole lot!” Marlena cackled. “Go!”

     The guard bowed and strode out of the room.

     “I will rule the world!” Said Shadows

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