Run for their lives

Iris Darcy Garrett was the most immature senior at West Moore high school. But what happens when the start of a zombie outbreak begins at a One Direction concert she happens to attend? What will happen when she is responsible for 5 helpless boys? Find out in Run for their Lives.


1. Last day of school

Chapter 1: Last Day of School

I woke up to my mum shaking me slightly and gently telling me to wake up. I gradually started to open my eyes,stretched,and then smiled and thanked her. “Hurry, Charlie  will be here soon to pick you up. I have to be at work early today. I love you, be good I’ll see you when you get home.’’ my mum smiled then left without another word.

       I got up then groaned at the thought of  school. I hated it but then again who doesn't? I have A’s in all my classes thanks to my photographic memory. Everybody’s mouth drops when they hear it probably because I am  hands down the most immature senior in the whole school.

       I snapped out of my thoughts and started to get dressed. I slipped on a black crop top that read KISS. Under I had a red tank, white  jeggings, and black/red platform vans. I put my long black hair in a high bun with a black and red checkered bow. I looked in the mirror my greenish/blueish eyes grew big. I looked awesome. The way my lavender streaks were perfectly even with the rest of my hair. I was short but not so short that you couldn't tell I was a senior. My lips are naturally red and I have freckles everywhere on my face.

       I grabbed a large blueberry muffin and made it just in time to catch my ride. Charlie  unlocked the doors , I stepped into his yellow Volvo 24 which he swore up and down in was the most hipster car out there. We greeted each other and then turned on the radio. Midnight Memories blasted through out the car, the windows rolled down. We had around 30 minutes so we decided to go to Starbucks. I got a Peppermint Mocha it is my favorite Starbucks holiday special. Charlie got the Gingerbread Latte. We had 15 minutes to spare so we went for a short walk . About 10 minutes into the walk he said he had a surprise. I loved One Direction and my birthday was in a week . So when he pulled out two backstage passes and front row seats to the One Direction concert tomorrow night  I screamed so hard I was surprised I didn't lose my hearing.

    The bell rang and the school turned into a beehive. I skipped homeroom,watched Catching Fire in flex,we just hung around and talked in first and second, gym was awesome we did relays GUYS VS. GIRLS it was amazing, and the rest of the day was about the same. Technically I was legally allowed to be by myself now. We graduated last week.The school kinda wanted to get it out of the way. This week was optional, I decided to go just to cause some ruckus. Cant leave here unknown! Because when I walk out these doors I am Mrs. Independent Iris ,corny yes,do I care no. To be honest I'm kinda scared .Well here goes nothing!




So what do you think about the first chapter? Got tips,advice. or simply ideas? Then comment! She thinks being an adult is scary. Boy is she in for it haha     Also the chapters will be longer just a starter and its school soooo


love you lovelies <3 sammy





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