Poor Poet's Scroll

"No sword
Of wrath her right arm whirl'd, [6]
But one poor poet's scroll, and with 'his' word
She shook the world." - Tennyson, 'The Poet'

I may not shake the world, but I do believe in the power of words.


4. Sonnet of a simple mind

In the shadow of the walls he huddles,

whilst fellow pupils dance and weave he weeps -

they cannot comprehend the word he muddles

when he desperately tries to speak.

His mind is not that of children his age.

They learn swiftly, whilst he learns oh so slow.

Trying so hard but he’s trapped in a cage,

abandoned and hopeless, it just cannot grow.

Waves of insults break on his deep prison,

urgently he tries to explain his plight.

Cruel jeers; what could he do to make them listen?

Sounds fall upon deaf ears; he’s lost the fight.


It’s time to learn and put differences behind,

we must understand the simplistic mind.

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