Beautiful Mistake.

Katie is a young mother who's forced to stay with her "boyfriend" to help with the baby, but what happens when her old high school boyfriend Liam comes back into the picture?


13. Two is better than one.



I was going to sleep on the couch cause Katie and my sister were in the room having such a good time. All I could hear was giggles and talking. It was good but I wish Katie and mum had gotten on better. Katie was trying so hard, mum just wouldn’t let go of things that had happened in high school. I did my best not to think too much of it.


I wasn’t asleep for very long until I woke up to Katie waking me up. I looked up at her. She was in one of my shirts and you could tell she was heavily pregnant but she he was still the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She got me up and we both went to bed. I cuddled her being the big spoon. She was sleeping and I laid there awake feeling kicks from bubs. It was so beautiful and prefect I couldn’t think of anything that could ruin this.


Before I went to sleep I set an alarm so I could be up before Katie was. I wanted to make her breakfast. I went to sleep and woke up only with a couple of hours of sleep. I softly removed myself from the bed and went into the kitchen. I made her some omelettes and pancakes. Put some orange juice into a jar and walked into the bedroom in which she was already awake.


“Good morning beautiful.” I said sat down next to her kissed her forehead and then her belly. She looked discomforted.

“Is everything okay?” I asked worriedly.


“Yeah, I have been having back and stomach pains for the past few days and they have just gotten pretty bad is all.”


“Do I need to call the doctor?”


“I’m fine.”


She looked up and smiled at me. I cuddled into her. The baby had stopped kicking when I touched her stomach. She was out with my sister when I called the doctor to come over. I didn’t care if she thought she was fine. I was worried about her and baby Payne.


She wasn’t very happy at all when she got home and there was doctors waiting for her. I made her sit down and held her hand while they checked to make sure everything was okay. We told them all of her symptoms and answered every question we could in as much detail. 


He touched around at her stomach for a few more minutes before announcing that Katie had gone into labour. We rushed her too the hospital as fast as we could. They had to get her waters to fully break as they had only half broken. I stayed with her the whole time and made sure that she had the best doctors, that she was away from other people so that the fans and paparazzi weren’t annoying her and that she was getting anything and everything that she wanted.


She was in labour for another twenty-six hours before giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. I was cutting the cord when I was shoved out of the birthing room. I was sitting there with little unnamed baby Payne while waiting to find out news about Katie.


I called Harry and the rest of the lads and explained everything. They were here within a matter of hours. It was good them being here for me. They helped take care of baby Payne and sat around drinking coffee and calming me down. It was hours before anyone came out and spoke to me.


“Mr Liam Payne?” The doctor called.


I followed him into the room where sat Katie and another baby.  She smiled looked up at me and said

“Do you want to come meet your new baby girl?”

I stood there in shock because I had just finished feeding the baby hadn’t had I?


Harry walked in with Niall and handed me Baby Payne. I don’t know if it was the shock or not but I finally put two and two together. It was twins! I sat on the bed with Katie making her feel better. When she was asleep I feed the twins, changed them and made sure that they were going to be okay for a few hours. I walked out of the room where Louis was waiting.


“How is she?” He asked.


“Good. She’s sleeping and they’re sleeping right now so I have a few hours.”


“They’re?” He questioned.


“We had twins, I shouted a little too loud.”

“We should have a beer to celebrate.”  He suggested.

We went out to a bar with the rest of the lads, Harry’s mate Joe. We were made to make Paul or Preston come with us but it was all good. We went out for about three hours before getting the call from Katie to go back down there.

I made sure to pack some things like slippers, socks, clean clothes and shower stuff. As I knew she wouldn’t have liked using the hospitals. Louis and Harry came with me to see her and the twins. We walked past the white walls and into the baby blue and pink ones were. I walked into the room kissed Katie on the forehead and picked up Baby Payne.


“We really need to think of names” She suggested.


“Yeah I know. Have you got any in mind?”


“Well u was thinking Ella for the girl and James, like your middle name for baby Payne?”


“Sounds prefect.” I went and But Ella into her cot and cuddled into Katie.


“How are you feeling?” I asked.


“Yeah good. Considering, I just want to go home. The twins are settled here’

“Do you want to go home now?” I asked.


“Yeah.” She sighed and rested her head on my stomach.

It didn’t take too long before she was asleep. I slowly removed myself from under her and went and spoke to the nurses. I found out that they weren’t going to relaise them for another week due to how early they were. I knew that Katie wouldn’t had liked that so I suggested that they let them leave when she awakens and I will have a doctor come and take care of them.


It took forever but they finally gave in.  I packed up their things. Watched TV and nursed the two of them while I waited. It seemed like forever until she was awake. I went over and stroked her hair.


“We’re going home now, the doctor will be in tomorrow though. Just to do a check up.”





I woke up to the news that the twins and I would be going home. It was just a relief to know that I would finally be in some kind of comfort again. Even if it was at Liam’s mothers house where I felt a tad unwelcomed.


Liam and Louis took everything to the car and I took the twins. We put them in their car seats and it wasn’t too long before we were home. Liam’s sisters had set up cots for them to sleep in. I put them to bed, had a shower and then went to bed. It had been a massive past few days.


I wasn’t asleep all that long. I woke up to the sounds of screaming babies. It was almost like if one baby went off the other one did too. I called Liam in to help me. I walked out the room, singing, feeding and playing and nothing would work. We were up pretty much all night making them happy. It was good though. I almost had forgotten what it was like to have a newborn baby. Though this time was different because there were two of them.



I feel asleep on Liam, we woke up to Ruth knocking at the door letting us know that the doctor had come to check up on them. We woke them up even though they weren’t too happy about it.

He checked their weight again and how many cm’s they were and just general stuff like that. They were pretty healthy for two months early.  The doctor left and I started to think about how we were going to take two babies on the tour. It got me a little worried to be honest.


“Liam, how are we going to take the twins on tour with us? Will there be enough room?”


“Everything will be fine.” He reassured me


“But what if it’s not? We’re going to be on tour for around a year and half and I just want to make sure that they are going to be happy and settled.”


“Katie, everything will be fine. At least this way the lads will be there to help as well.”


“No, I think the twins and I aren’t going to go on tour with you..”  I said and looked down at the ground trying my hardest not to cry. 

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