Beautiful Mistake.

Katie is a young mother who's forced to stay with her "boyfriend" to help with the baby, but what happens when her old high school boyfriend Liam comes back into the picture?


26. the signing.




“Jamie, it’s not that bad. Everyone was going to find out sooner or later.” I said while putting my arms around her.


“I know but I’m not even your girlfriend. I didn’t even tell my parents yet.”


“I know but it’s going to be okay. I’m here for you.”


“Liam I know it’s stupid. But do you think we can pretend to be dating just so my parents don’t get so angry?”


“You know I would do anything to make you feel better.”




We called the lads, Joe and Katie in to talk to them about what we were going to pretend to be doing just so that it looked real. 


“Don’t you think its tad weird?” Louis asked.


“Well, we just need to do what is going to make this a lot easier on Jamie. I need her not to stress all that much.”  I replied.


“Whatever you want to do you know we’re here for you and will back you 100%.” Harry added.


“Thanks lad.” 



We all sat around watching some of the match having a few beers before a signing.  Jamie woke up about half an hour before we had to leave.


“How are you feeling?” I asked.


“Yeah alright. I was the first time I haven’t been sick when I’ve woken up. So are you going to announce that we’re together at the signing?”


“Yeah, what should I tell them though?”


“Well I was thinking that we should tell everyone that we have been together for a while and then we could tell them we’re engaged but then not actually get married?”


“Yeah, that’s actually a really good idea. People won’t think that’s too weird that I gave James up either.

Are you coming today anyway?” 


“Yeah if Katie and Joe are.” She replied.


“Okay good.” I said kissing her head.


I went and changed my jeans and shirt into clean ones. Did my hair and got Jamie before heading over to Katie and Niall’s bedroom where we were all meeting.  I held her head through the lobby and every other moment when the fans could see us.  We got to the signing and the fans had already started to line up.  


“Are you sure you want to be here? You Joe and Katie could go for some food and you could do more shopping for the baby” I suggested.


“Yeah that might be a good idea. I’ll go ask Katie.”


I was waiting with Zayn and Louis, while Jamie went and spoke with the others.  It wasn’t that long of a wait before they all came over.


“So Jamie thinks we should go out while you lads do the signing.”  Katie said.


“Yeah. It would give you guys something to do while we’re doing this”


“What time will it finish so I know when Jamie has to be back?”


“We finish at five but these things always go over so lets say six?” I said.


“Yeah, okay sounds good.”




“It’s time to go out and start.”  Paul said.



We all sat down and had our picture taken and I posted it on our Facebook page.  The signing started at elven. By around four my hand was cramping and I had a massive headache form all of the screaming fans. It was pretty terrible for me. But all of the other lads seem to be enjoying it.





It was feeling like the signing was going to go forever. I had to sign things with my left hand because my right was just too sore. There was a beautiful young girl that was next in line. She had long brown hair; she was about five foot five tall in height.  She walked over to us in such grace. She handed us the midnight memories, I signed my number as well as my name. “Call me beautiful?”


When we were all done at the signing. I noticed that we had her tickets still with us.


“Hey guys a girl left her ticket here. What should we do?”  I asked.


“We should set out a twitter search and we will know who it is because it has the seat number on it and the date of tonight’s show.” Niall said.


‘To the young brown headed girl who lost her ticket at todays singing please contact us so we can let you have it back.’  


“You know we’re going to get so many people messaging us about the ticket.” Louis said.


“But we will know.” I added.


It was a while before the girl texted or called me.


‘Hey you left your number on the back on my CD?’


‘Yeah I did. I thought you were so beautiful.’


‘Thank you. :) Um I know this is going to be stupid but I lost my ticket at the signing you don’t happen to have it do you?’


‘We do actually! We have it here if you want to come get it?’


‘Yeah that would be lovely. What hotel are you staying at?’


‘Hotel Arc de Triomphe Etoile.’


‘Okay, will be the in an hour.’


I did my hair and changed my clothes. By the time I knew it she was already here.


“I’m here for my ticket.” She said nervously standing at the door.


“Oh yes. It’s just inside. Oh I didn’t get your name either.” I said walking over to the living room.


“Oh its Alanna.” She said and I handed her the ticket.


“So what are you doing after this?”


“Well nothing…” she said but before she could finish I had already cut her off.


“We should go out for some food?”


“Yeah okay sounds good.”


We went to this low-key place just outside of Paris. I really got to know her. She was a University student becoming a teacher. She had three sisters and one bother. Her Mother and Father were still together and she worked in a little café in the city of Paris. She also spoke Basic English so I could understand what she was saying.  We stayed for about two hours before I dropped her off home.


“So you will be at tomorrow nights concert right?”  I asked.


“Yeah.” She replied.


“You should come meet up with us before the concert. You can come back stage and meet the rest of the lads.”


“Sounds prefect.”



She looked up at me as we stood at her front door. There were roses that surrendered us. The moon was full and I lent down and our lips meet. We made out for two minutes and when we were done she giggled than ran inside. She was the most perfect girl I had ever seen. 

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