Beautiful Mistake.

Katie is a young mother who's forced to stay with her "boyfriend" to help with the baby, but what happens when her old high school boyfriend Liam comes back into the picture?


9. It just happened.

NIALLSPOV; As soon as I heard Paul and Danielle talking I pulled Katie into my room.  I shut the door as fast as I could behind her.


“What on earth are you doing?” she looked at me with a weird expression on her face.

“I just wanted to talk to you, you know.” I replied trying not to sound seedy.

“Oh well what did you want to talk about?”

“Just stuff, so how have you been?”

“Ah good.” She said and then ran into my bathroom and tired to miss the floor.


I didn’t know what to do so I held her hair out of her face and put my hand on her shoulder. She had long blonde and brown hair, she was wearing one of Liam’s shirts and black shorts.


She was being sick for a while and I didn’t know what else to do other then just be there for her.

When she was done, she was a mess. I handed her one of my shirts and before I knew it she was topless right in front of me. She didn’t notice either until she was clothed again.


“Shit, sorry!” she yelled.

“Its fine.” I giggled and smiled.

“Anyway I should go and see Liam now.”

I grabbed on to her as fast as I could, she cannot know that Danielle and the baby are here.

“We should go for a walk? It’s a nice day.” I looked and her and smiled.

“We can feed the ducky’s’, I’ll go and get ready.”  She said getting a little excited.

“Ah no, wait, you look beautiful in what you’re wearing.”

I looked and her and blushed. She did the same.


I made sure that they were in the room when we left. We went down to a cute little park only about twenty minutes away from our hotel.

There were a few little kids playing on the playground and birds and ducks everywhere. We walked over to the pound and we sat down. She was starting to not be able to stand up for long periods. 


“So what did you want me here for?” She looked up at me and smiled.

“Oh I just wanted to get to know you a little more is all.”

“Oh well then, what did you want to know?”

“Just anything really.”

“Oh well, I’m Katie, my favorite food is cheesy crust pizza, I like baking and stuff. I don’t really know. What about you?”
“Well I’m Niall, I’m from Ireland and I really like food.”


We sat there and just spoke and everything for a few hours before I got a text saying that she had left.  I called Preston to bring a car. I couldn’t have her walking all that way again. The poor thing had a baby growing inside of her.



KATIESPOV; It was a very weird but good day. I went and feed the ducks with Niall. I didn’t see much of Liam which was kind of weird because usually he’s so worried about the baby and I.  I didn’t even have any missed calls. I thought he’d be here at least when we got back. He wasn’t though. The room had signs of a child being there. It smelt like baby wipes and there was a little yellow sock on the floor and that’s when it hit me, She had been here and everyone hid it from me.  I rushed out of my room and seen Niall sitting with the other lads.


“Why didn’t you tell me she was here? Why was it something that everyone has had to hide? And where is Liam now?” I had lost it. I couldn’t take this anymore. I had tears running down my face and when no one replied to me it only made me feel worse. I stormed off and started to pack my things. Niall walked in and tired to calm me down. I just rested my head on his shoulder and he put his arms around me and I just cried.  I couldn’t believe that he had done this to me. After a few good minutes of crying, Niall spoke.


“Are you okay?”

“I don’t think so. I cannot be here but I don’t really want to go home. Not just yet anyway.” I said trying not to sob.


“It’s going to be okay, you can come stay with me for a while and I will have the couch?” He said as he put his arms around me.


“Sounds good.”


I kissed his check without even thinking, but he was the one that made our lips met. I opened my mouth when he did it was starting to get a little heated when out of nowhere Liam walked in..

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