Beautiful Mistake.

Katie is a young mother who's forced to stay with her "boyfriend" to help with the baby, but what happens when her old high school boyfriend Liam comes back into the picture?


18. I'm still in love with you.



To be honest when Harry and Joe walked in, it… It broke my heart. I tired my best to support him. I mean I wasn’t able to show my emotion as I did have a girlfriend but if I knew Harry was gay I would have told him a long time ago how I was feeling.  He other lads were just standing there and I felt as if I should do something to break the awkwardness, I walked down the dark brown hardware fall, looked up and smiled.


“I’m Louis, and this is Niall, Zayn and Liam. It’s very nice to meet you.”


“It’s good to be finally meeting you too.” He said and walked over and sat down so we followed.


“How long have you and Harry been together for?” Katie asked.


“About a month, so not that long. We wanted to make sure it was going to work before telling everyone.”


He was wearing a black and grey jumper; He had black skinny leg jeans on and dark blue shoes. His Hair was dark and his eyes green. He looked a lot younger then harry but I didn’t comment on that out loud.



Everyone was sitting around talking, drinking tea and coffee. I felt awkward so I ended up going to check on the twins. James was wide-awake so I picked him up and held him in my arms. 


James was one of the cutest babies I had ever seen. His hair was blonde and short; blue eyes and dressed a very hungry caterpillar jump suit. He would always look up and smile at me whenever I would pull a silly face; it was good to know that I made someone happy. Even it was just a month old baby. 


I sat up there for a good few hours playing, reading, feeding and changing their nappies. It was good taking care of them.

I was rocking Ella to sleep when I got a text for Eleanor.


‘Hey, it’s been ages since you left. Where the hell are you?’


I texted back instantly with;


‘At Katie and Liam’s.  I will come home tomorrow?’


‘Sounds prefect.’


I sent that last text when Niall came up the stairs.


“How long have you been up here lad?”

“About two hours. I don’t like meeting new people is all.”


“Yeah I know what you mean. I’m not too sure if I like him just yet to be honest.”


“Yeah, well it doesn’t matter too much. Its not like we have to date him.”


“Yeah true.” Niall replied.


“I’m going to go home and see Eleanor, she missed me.”


“Yeah I should get going home too. Mum needs me.”


I put Ella in her cot and walked down with Niall.



“How are the twins going?” Katie asked.


“Yeah, they’re fine. I just feed them and put them to sleep.”


“Oh thank you, you didn’t have to do that you know.”


“I know, I wanted to.”


I looked around the room for a bit before saying anything else.


“I think I’m going to go home tomorrow. Eleanor misses me.”


“Yeah same with Mum.” Niall added in there.


“Oh, you’re leaving? But Joe only just got here.”


“Yeah we know but our families and stuff. Besides you have Liam and Zayn.”  I replied trying not to sound rude.


“Oh…” Harry said and grabbed on to Joe’s hand.




















As much as I wanted to support Harry I wasn’t too fond of his Joe guy. He didn’t come across as the kind of person I thought Harry would be dating. But regardless of what I thought I sat out with Katie, Zayn, and the two of them. We sat out in the living room for about two hours. Niall and Louis went to take care of the twins, which was quiet lovely of them.  It meant that Katie and I could actually get to know him a bit more.


“So where did you two meet?” Katie asked.


“Oh, our mothers are friends.” Harry replied for him.


“Do you study?” I asked.


“No I work at K-mart though.”


“Tell us more about your family.” Zayn suggested.


“Oh, well Mum and dad aren’t together anymore,  I have two older sisters, Karalee and Demi and Demi has a daughter who is two years old named Dakota.”


Zayn sat there asking him more questions while Katie and I made some food and drinks. By the time of four O’clock it was time for everyone to leave. We had my family coming over for dinner and Katie and I needed to do some cleaning and cooking.


Katie put the roast in the oven and cooked up some veggies and what not while I cleaned the house. The twins stayed a sleep from their nap, which worked out perfectly.  I set the table while Katie went and changed and got the twins ready. I answered the door. 


“How are you?” Mum asked as she hugged me.


“Yeah good. Dinner is almost ready.”


We walked into the dinning area. Katie had put the twins into the hair chairs and was serving the food. We all sat down and started to eat when Ruth screamed




She stormed out of the house and drove off in Mums car.

None of us knew what to do.


“I didn’t even know that, that was happening.. I am so sorry mum.” I said trying to get it out. I was in a lot of shock.


“Where is Niall? She asked surprisingly calm.


“He’s at the hotel, he leaves tomorrow.  I should get him over now?” I suggested.


“You should.”



I must admit I was pretty pissed at young Niall. But I was at the same time excited. He was going to be a Father to my sister. There was going to be so much good with the bad.  I should warn him before he comes over about what is happening, I didn’t want him to get here and be embarrassed and sacred. It ran out four times before he picked up.


“Hey, how you going lad?” He said as he answered.


“Yeah we know about you and my sister, she pregnant and Mum is pissed and wants to talk to you. So you should get over here like now.”


“Shit, I didn’t even know! I will be over in about twenty minutes okay?”


“Okay see you then.”


I hung up and walked out into the kitchen where everyone else was sitting. Mum was still in shock. 


“He’s going to be here in about twenty minutes.” I said sitting down and starting to eat again.


“Not soon enough.” Mum replied.


“You know, they’re old enough to be having a baby and it’s not like Niall doesn’t have the money to support it.” Katie threw in. 


Katie and Mother were talking about how all of this could work out to be for the better when I heard a knock at the door. I already knew it was Niall.


“How mad is she?” he said walking into the living room.


“She was pretty mad about it before hand. But Katie has calmed her down a lot.”


“Okay good.” He said walking into the dinning area.


He sat down next to Katie and looked up at Mum.  No one said anything for a while. Mum was the first person to open her mouth.


“So do you want to tell me how all of this happened?”


I was kind of worried that he wasn’t going to take all of this seriously. But he actually had a mature answer.


“Well Miss Payne, She found me very sad one day, she just comforted me and one thing led to another.”


“Wait, why were you sad?” Katie asked.


“Because you’re with Liam and I’m so in love with you.”


Nicola didn’t even think about it. He just slapped him right across the face.  The whole room was dead silent after that. 

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