Beautiful Mistake.

Katie is a young mother who's forced to stay with her "boyfriend" to help with the baby, but what happens when her old high school boyfriend Liam comes back into the picture?


6. Hot and cold.

LIAMSPOV I don’t think everyone was to excite to know that I was going to be a father. The looks I got from Harry and Niall were ones I don’t think I have even seen before hand.

“Are you sure she’s pregnant?” Zayn asked in doubt.

“Yes? The doctor just called and told her. “ I said trying not to sound rude.

“Well, congratulations” Harry said trying to smile.

I just smiled back and went into the room to see Katie trying her best to hold back tears. I didn’t really understand what was wrong. I thought she liked being a mother.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just, I don’t know if I’m ready for this again just yet.” She said whipping her eyes.

“It’s going to be okay this time though. You will have me and the rest of the lads.”

“It is too soon but there is no undoing it now.” Katie said as she went in and cuddled me.  I kissed her check when Harry walked in.

 He was wearing a white shirt and black jeans. His hair was messy and he looked tired.

“You’re still going to be able to come on tour with us right?” His voice cracked a little and he looked down.

“Of course. Katie and the baby will come on tour with us, if that’s okay with you Katie?”

“Yeah that sounds amazing.” She smiled

Harry walked out and Katie got up and put on my red checked flannelette shirt   and some shorts. Even though her face was red and puffy from crying and her hair messy and all over the place, she still looked like the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.


HARRYSPOV Liam just came out and told us the big news. Katie was pregnant. There was going to be a little Payne baby. I was happy for him but I was scared about what this meant for the band and for the rest of the tour.  I know he said that everything would stay the same but let’s be honest. There was going to be a baby on tour with us. A baby. Of course things were going to change. 


“They’re going to bring the baby on tour.” I said.

“Are they sure that’s a good idea? I mean we’re loud and annoying and babies need quiet and to be settled.” Zayn whispered so they couldn’t hear.

“I guess we will just have to see where this goes.”


Katie walked out looking like a mess; you could tell she had been crying. Liam followed behind her. He looked so happy. He was the only one that was really excited about this news.

He sat down and Katie sat down right next to him.

“What’s for dinner?” Niall asked.

“I could cook or we could go out.” Katie said as she handed Niall menus.

“We couldn’t ask you to cook for us now.” Louis said.

“I’m not sick. I can still cook and clean and take care of you lads.”
“We will feel bad though, we should go for nandos?” Niall suggested. No one else could really think of anything so that’s what we had. We sent Paul out to get it and we watched what was ever on TV. It wasn’t too long before Paul was back with our food. It was a nice night so we ate outside. After we ate all us lads played some football and Katie went off to bed. We stayed up late watching bad movies and eating food that wasn’t good for us. It was around two am when we all went to bed.   KATIESPOV; Liam seems to be taking this news better then anyone I know. It’s good. I’m half happy. I’m just worried, my daughter died because I wasn’t taking care of her. What if the same thing happened again? I kept trying not to  cry but Liam knew that I was upset. I didn’t do much that night. Just ate, had a shower and went to bed. I fell asleep pretty quickly.
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