Beautiful Mistake.

Katie is a young mother who's forced to stay with her "boyfriend" to help with the baby, but what happens when her old high school boyfriend Liam comes back into the picture?


21. Five months later.


KATIESPOV; I woke up around 5; 30 AM. Today was the day. I was getting married in less than ten hours. I was scared and nervous but yet so happy at the same time. I checked my twitter and sent out a tweet, ‘Today is the big day, I love you @liampayne’ 


I went down stairs to make myself some breakfast, some yogurt and strawberries before I went for my run. Niall and Ruth had the twins so I was able to spend the full day getting ready. I was scrolling through instgram when Alex walked in.


“Alex, you’re not meant to be here for another two hours.”


“Well as your maid on honor its my job to make sure you’re ready and get down the isle, what are you eating anyway?”


“Yogurt and fruit. There’s still some in the fridge if you’d like.” I said hoping on the seat at the breakfast bench. 


“I’m going to go and take a shower for the day and then we have our hair appointments in about two hours I think you will be right down here.”


“Yeah I will be.” She said as she smiled and started to make her food.




The shower was hotter than normal, but I liked it. I think I spent too much time in there because I had Alex knocking at the door asking if I was alright. But I needed that little bit more time. I got out and just put my hair up in a messy bun and went to my hair appointment with Alex and the rest of the braids maids. There was Ruth, my friend from school Jamie, Erin and Rachelle.  My hair was parted to the side with a waterfall braid, and then the ends of my hair were curled. Everyone else had their hair up in buns with curls coming out from the sides. We all looked so beautiful.



We agreed that we should go for some food after having our hair done. We went to a tiny little Thai take away restaurant. We ate our food at a hotel that Erin and Jamie had booked.  Then we went to get our dresses.


 The braids maids put there’s on first, they were short purple cocktail dresses with white bows on the right side. They were worn with purple heels. Then it was time for me to put mine on. I needed three people to help put it on. I had lost so much weight but I was lucky that I still had pregnant mother boobs otherwise I would have had nothing to hold it up.


We were finally ready and on our way. Everyone was escorted down the isle before me, Alex by Liam’s father, Jamie with Harry, Ruth with Niall, and Erin with Zayn and Rachelle with Louis.



I had my father walk me down and I meet Liam down there, we stood there reading our vowels and the officiate finally started going through the usual retune. He finally got to the part where he asks people to speak now or forever hold there peace and that’s when Niall spoke out. He came up looked me in the eye and said


“If you marry him I don’t know what I will do, I need you Katie, you mean everything to me and I know that everything right now is screwed but we can make this work please?”



I didn’t say anything. I just ran out of the church and drove my fathers car home.





I woke up pretty lair considering everything that was going to happen today. Niall and Ruth were going to take care of the twins for the first half of the day and then Mum so we didn’t have to worry about them being okay on our big day. 


I had my suit fitted one last time and my hair done, I meet up with the lads. Everyone else seemed so happy for us but Niall. I thought I would let him know that if he stuffs this up I don’t know what I would do to him. He seemed to take what I said seriously. But then when we got there he did what he did. I was so mad. But I wasn’t really worried about what he was doing I ran after Katie.




I came back about twenty minutes later without being able to find her. I was worried. I walked over to her friends.


“Hey did you find her?” Erin asked.

“Nah I can’t. I have tried everywhere and called her  a million times.”


“Maybe she just needs some time.” Jamie suggested.


“Do you want me to go and talk to Niall? He ran out but I’m sure I will be able to find him?”  Ruth suggested.


“No Ruth, you’re like seven months pregnant.”  I said.



I didn’t know what to do. I so I went home. I took the twins and went to take them upstairs. Put them to bed. Then went to sit in our bedroom and there was Katie’s dress. Laying there on the floor and her draws all gone through. She had come home and changed. But where was she? I called her again and it just kept ringing out. I thought that she would want me to be there for her. After all I was about to become her husband. I was sitting there in the twin’s room for about two hours before I heard anything. It was just a text but I needed to know that she was going to be okay.


‘Hey I know this isn’t idle but I just need some time to myself right now will be home later tonight. Love you.’


‘Are you safe? Please just make sure you’re okay and that nothing happens to you. I love you too.’


‘Yeah I am fine. Just make sure the twins are looked after.’


‘Will do. Miss you.’


I put my phone down started to feed James. I then sat him up to burp him and then I rocked him to sleep, I don’t remember what happened after that.




I was just sitting on the side of the road when someone pulled up behind me. It was Niall.


“What do you want?” I asked rudely.


“You’re coming with me, we will be happy.” He said.


“I’m not going anywhere with you.”


“Yes. Yes you are. Now get in the car.” He said opening my door.


I just sat there not knowing what to do. I wasn’t scared of Niall. At first anyway.


“Get in the car, or the twins will be the ones that are punished.”


I just got in the car. I didn’t want him to hurt my babies. But when I got to wherever he took me the twins were there already. I run up and hugged them.


“I thought you would like if they were here. So now we should talk about what’s going to happen next.”


“Niall you’re creeping me out.” I said.


“I’m not trying to. I just want you to see that I love you so much and that Liam is actually the one in the wrong. “


“How could Liam be in the wrong?”


“Katie, he hasn’t been faithful, he has been cheating on you for months now.”


“Niall don’t make up a heap of shit to get me to leave him for you.”


“No, it’s true. I can prove it to you. I have been taking photos of the girls that have been coming over while you’ve been out.”


Niall pulled out his phone and showed me photos. I couldn’t believe it. He had been. There was actually good amount of evidence.


“I’m so sorry Katie. I got obsessive because I love you and didn’t want you to get hurt.” He said putting his arms around me.


“Thank you Niall. What are you going to do about Ruth now though?”  I asked.


“She will be fine. All I did was buy her a house. We were never actually together. Just a show we put on to make everyone happy.”

“Well where to we go from here?” I asked.


“Where you want to.”


“Can we go back to Australia? I don’t feel like I can be here.”


“Of course.” He said and pulled me in closer.


I sent Liam a text.


‘I know now why you were so okay with when I kissed Niall. I know that you were cheating on me while I was out. I am taking the twins to Australia for a bit. Please don’t contact me.’


I went shopping. I didn’t want to go home so I needed to buy all new things. Niall was so good about it. He even paid for everything I was buying. After about ten hours of shopping I was finally done and we were at the airport.


“Are you ready for this?” Niall asked.


“I think so. But I will be fine. I have you.” 

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