Beautiful Mistake.

Katie is a young mother who's forced to stay with her "boyfriend" to help with the baby, but what happens when her old high school boyfriend Liam comes back into the picture?


25. Everything is fine.



I knocked on the bathroom door of Jamie’s room.


“How are you feeling?” I asked.


“Yeah, the morning sickness is getting to me a tad.”


“Well have you spoken with Liam about this?”


“Yeah I have. He wants me to do this, he is making me have this baby.”


“Look Jamie, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to.”


“Yes. I do have to do this.”


I heard footsteps as Liam walked into the room.


“Is everything okay?” He asked while carrying what looked to be food for Jamie to eat. 


“Yeah I’m going to be going with Jamie to the doctors today.”


“But I thought I was going..”


“You were, but she wants me to go.” I said smiling and trying to be nice about all of this.


“Well, let me know how it goes okay?”


“Of course.” 


Jamie walked out of the bathroom, I handed her a mint and had Liam called the car around.  The car ride took about ten minutes and we were at the doctors. I walked in with her and we waited in the waiting room. It wasn’t a long wait. Either that or it didn’t feel like one.  They called her name and we walked in to the office.


“So, how have you been feeling?”  She asked.


“Yeah, the morning sickness could be better but I’m not all that bad.” She replied.


“Okay, that’s good.  So we did the test to find out how far along you are.”


“Oh yeah, how far?” She said nervously.


“Eight weeks, so you’re due for ultrasound as soon as possible. We can do it now if you have the time?”


“Yeah that would be good.”



We changed what rooms we were in. They started to put the jelly on her belly and turned the machine. He rubbed the camera on her belly and we saw the baby.  



She didn’t say anything on the way home just went straight to her room. I was so worried.













I felt like I was being rude to Katie and Liam. I wasn’t sure how to tell them. I had changed my mind about all of this. From the moment I saw it I had fallen in love. It’s little head, the tiny fingers and when I saw the feet all I could think of were all the shoes I could put it in. I wanted to have this baby and I wanted Liam to be a big part of its life if not all of it.



I was sitting on my bed feeling my stomach when Liam walked in to the room.


“How did everything go?” he asked and sat down next to me.


“Good. They did an ultrasound. Look Liam..”


“What is it?”  He asked.


“I’ve changed my mind. I want this baby and I’m going to need your help a lot.”


“Of course Jamie, We can buy a house and you and the baby can come on tour with us and I will do everything I can to help.”



Liam and I didn’t say much else to each other. We just laid there on the bed arm in arm and had forehead kisses until we fell asleep.




I woke up to the sound of Katie’s voice. Her and Liam were arguing. I got up out of bed and walked into the living room.  They stopped as soon as they noticed I was there.




“Is everything okay?” I asked.


“Yeah everything is fine. I was just coming over to check up on you.” Katie replied.


“Oh well I’m fine. Liam was just over here taking care of me.”


“Oh well Niall and I are about to go out James needs a few things, you should come.”


“Oh yeah sure. Just let me put some different clothes on.” 



I went and put some leggings on and one of Liam’s shirts. I straightened my hair and put some makeup on.

When I walked over to Niall and Katie’s room.

Louis answered the door.



“Oh Jamie you’re here. Come in. We were just waiting for you.”


“Are you already to go now?” I asked.


“Yeah, let’s go.” Katie said picking up James.



We walked down to the shopping center that wasn’t all that far away. At first got some breakfast from the bakery and then we started to go to some other stores.  We went to a few other stores before going to some baby ones. 



I wasn’t sure if I should start buying these just yet as I’m unsure of the sex of my baby.  But I couldn’t help my self. Liam had given me his credit card so I could buy whatever I wanted to.  I brought some shirt, pants, jump suits, shoes and a heap of other things that we didn’t need just yet. 



When we were done I walked up into the hotel room and Liam was sitting there on the couch watching the came with Louis and Zayn.


“How was it?” He asked.


“Yeah it was alright. I kind of brought a heap of things that we don’t need just yet…” I said


“Oh, that’s fine. Buy whatever you want for the baby. Just let me know if you need anything else.” He hugged me and smiled and went back to the game with the other lads.   


And that’s when the worst could have happened. My pregnancy with Liam Payne was all over the media.. I hated this. 

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