Beautiful Mistake.

Katie is a young mother who's forced to stay with her "boyfriend" to help with the baby, but what happens when her old high school boyfriend Liam comes back into the picture?


19. boy, do i have a story to tell.



It was pretty awkward after everyone had left. Katie was upstairs with the twins and I was down stairs with Mum and Nicola cleaning up after dinner. I didn’t know what to do. We all agreed that we would give Ruth some time to calm down after all of that though. I was pretty mad at Niall but also worried. I didn’t know he was in love with her. I wish he had of told me and we both wouldn’t have been so lovey dovey in front of him.  But regardless this is how it all went down. After we had cleaned up and my family went home I called Harry.


“Hey what’s happening lad?” I asked when Harry answered.


“Not much, just got back from dinner with Joe, you?”


“I just had a bit of a tiff with Niall..”


“Wait, what happened?”


“He um, he had intercourse with Ruth.”


“Oh, Liam, I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think it is.  A lot of worse things could have happened.”


“Harry, Lad, she’s pregnant to him now and he just admitted that he was in love with Katie.”



There was a silence on the end of the phone for about thirty seconds before he replied.


“I’m sorry what.?”  He asked.


“I know. I’m just as confused as you are., but I am worried about him. I haven’t heard form either of them since I found out about all of this, would you mind giving Niall a call? I am going to go out and see if I can find Ruth.”


“Of course as soon as I hear or know of anything you will be the first one to know.”


“Okay, thank you. “


I hung up after that and walked up stairs, they had a cream colored carpet and a white railing on both sides.  I walked down the hall way and into the twin’s bedroom. Katie had her long blond hair up in a messy bun and had just finished feeding the two of them and was now putting them into their cots. 


“Hey, are you okay?” I said as I came up from behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist from behind.


“I think so. Everything has just been a bit of a shock ya know?” She said and kissed my on my lips.


“I know honey, it’s going to be okay. I promise. I’m sure Niall has a lot of explain to do. But in the mean time I am going to go out and see if I can find Ruth with Mum and Nicola, will you be okay here?”


“Of course. Let me know as soon as you find her.”


“Will do. But please try and get some sleep while the twins are sleeping.”


“I will.” She said walking into our bedroom.



I walked down the stairs, through the living room, down the hall way and out the door.  I got into my car and picked up my phone.  I dialed Ruth’s number a few times. But got no answer. I drove to my parents and picked up Nicola and Mum. We drove to her favorite restaurant; her friend’s houses and we finally found her at her best friends house.  I sent Katie a text like I promised I would.


‘We found her, She was at her friends house.’  I clicked send and went and knocked on the door.


“Hey, is Ruth here?” I asked the ten-year-old girl who answered the door.




“Okay okay yes, but is my sister here?”


“Yeah, she’s here.”


We got  a few pictures before I was escorted down the hall and into a  bedroom where she was. I knocked before opening the door.


“Hey are you okay?” I asked and walked into the room.


“Yeah, I’m fine. Please just don’t hate Niall. It was my fault. “ She said as she sobbed a little.


“It’s not your fault. It’s Niall’s and he shouldn’t have gotten my sister pregnant.” I said trying not to sound too rude.


No one said anything for ages. I just looked around the room. It was very purple themed everything was purple. The walls. Her bed, the cupboards it even smelt like lavender. I was lost in my own thought when she finally opened her mouth.


“We should get going Liam. I need an early night.”


I didn’t say anything else until we got into the car.


“So what the hell is happening Ruth? Why did you have intercourse with Niall?”


“He was sad and I felt bad and you know I had just come out of that rotten relationship.  I needed someone and so did he. We were there for each other.”


“So you know that I know right?”


“Know what?” She said looking confused.


“That he is in love with Katie?”



“Oh yeah that..” She said looking down at the ground.


“Are you okay?” I asked.


“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tired.” She finally looked up and smiled.


When I drove her home it was dead silent. We didn’t even turn on the music like usual. It felt like forever but I finally dropped her off and got home myself. I walked in through the doors and up into Katie and I’s bedroom. I checked my phone to see if Harry had found Niall but there was nothing.  I walked to my side of the bed, changed into shorts and shirt put the blue blankets up around me and cuddled into Katie. I feel asleep pretty quickly.




I didn’t have much sleep that night.; About a few hours.  As much as I was mad at Niall I was still so worried. I got up feed the twins made some toast and sat down to watch some TV and that’s when I gave in. I finally called him. It ran out about three times before he picked up.


“Hello.” He said when he answered.


“ Hey where are you, we’ve been worried sick Niall!”


“I thought you would all be mad at me. We’re not mad just confused. I really wish you had of told me all of this. Would have made it a little bit better to be honest.”


“Okay, well do you want me to come and explain all of it?”



“Yes, meet me at Starbucks in half an hour?”




I wrote Katie a letter to know that the twins had been feed and that I was just going out for some coffee. That I would be home later.





I was really nervous to have to be explaining this to Liam. I didn’t want him to be angry with me. I was there first and I sat down. I didn’t want to order without him. I would feel rude. It was a few minutes before he was there too.


“Hey.” I said as he sat down.


“Okay, so you should explain all of this to me.”


“Okay so basically When you and Katie were fighting I was there for her and I really really liked her and I thought I could control my feelings but as time went on I haven’t been able to and then one day Ruth found me and she had just come out of the rocky relationship and we were just there for each other. One thing led to another, we didn’t mean for her to get pregnant. We thought we were being safe. But I am going to support her and take care of both her and the baby. Promise lad. “


“Wait, but what made you go from liking Katie to loving her?”


“When we kissed right before you both made up..”


“Wait what!?”


“I’m so sorry” I said and he stormed off.  

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