Beautiful Mistake.

Katie is a young mother who's forced to stay with her "boyfriend" to help with the baby, but what happens when her old high school boyfriend Liam comes back into the picture?


20. A little more.


KATIESPOV; I was down stairs making breakfast when Liam got home. I looked up to see him with the worst look on his face. His nose was all squashed up and his face as pale as he had seen a ghost.


“What’s wrong honey?” I said as I kept buttering my bread.


“I know what happened. When were you planning on telling me?”


“Liam, you know I had a lot going on when that happened. It wasn’t planned. We didn’t do it to hurt you. I was 8 months pregnant and scared and it just happened. Niall leant in and..”


Liam started to speak while I was so I stopped so I could hear what he was saying.

“Wait, so you were heavily pregnant and he took advantage of you?” Liam asked with a disappointed look on his face.


“I don’t know. I don’t remember much from that night. I just remember waking up next to you that morning. “


Liam came and hugged me. “It’s all going to be okay. None of this is your fault. I love you okay?  Maybe we should start planning some of this wedding?”


“OMG. Can we pick out dresses and flowers first?” I screamed a little. I was so excited.  


I went up stairs and checked my phone before having a shower. I had ten missed calls from Niall. I just ignored them all. I was going to go and plan my weeding with the father of my children. 


I had a shower, washed my hair, shaved everywhere, put on my favorite body wash from bath and body works and got out and put the light blue towel around my body. I dried my self, changed into a pair of black leggings, a blue flowly shirt and blow dried and brushed my hair. Then platted it on the left side. I did my makeup and finally went down stairs.


“You look beautiful.” Liam said as I walked down.

“Thank you. Where are the twins?”


“I called Mum, she came and got them. She will be taking care of them while we start to organize our big day.”


I stood there and blushed.  I was so happy. It felt like nothing could ruin this. We got in the black car with Liam driving. We finally got to a cake store. We agreed on a chocolate one with while icing and flowers on the top. We then went to the flower store. We looked at a few before we were rudely interrupted by some crazy fans. I stood there awkwardly while Liam took photos and signed cds and stuff.

We ended up having to leave due to the amount of craziness it caused.   We didn’t end up doing too much of anything else just went back to Liam’s mothers house.


“How were they?”  I asked when walking in.


“They were good. They just slept. So cute.” She looked at me and smiled. 


“How is Ruth anyway?”


“She hasn’t come out of her room. I wish Niall would talk to her. They need to work out what they’re going to do about how her having this baby is going to work, I know they have taken some time off but I need more than just time. I need her to be taken care off. I never thought that this is how she would finally get pregnant.”


“I’m sure Niall will come around. He’s a lovely lad and will want to be there for his child.” I said trying to reassure her somewhat.


We put the twins in the car, said our goodbyes and drove home. I walked through the door that was unlocked thinking it was just a mistake there was Niall just sitting there.


“Did you just let your self in?” I asked.


“No. your sister Alex did.”


“Freaking hell. Okay, well what do you want?” I said trying to keep my voice down before Liam came in with James.


“I want you. I want to make this work. I want to take care of you and the twins. I want to be the one buying you a house and getting you pregnant.”


Liam walked in as soon as he said that.


“Oh good you’re here. Can you call Ruth my Mum is freaking massively.”


“Of course. I will go do that now. Think about what I said okay?”


“What was that all about?” Liam asked.


“it was nothing. Nothing to worry about it anyway. I should go and feed the twins.”





Everything was weird and I didn’t like it. I missed being on the road there was less drama.  I called Harry. I wanted to go and catch up with him and joe and also leave the weirdness for a tad.  I texted Harry.


‘Hey lad meet at the bar we like in half, bring joe?’


‘Sounds good. Will be there.’


I walked in and Joe and harry had already sat down.


“So what’s been happening?”

“Well, we found Niall. I got him to talk to Ruth. I know it’s silly but I want them two to be together, I need to know that Ruth and the baby are going to be taken care of.”  


“I hope so too. I think that his obsession with Katie is just creepy now and that he needs to realize that he’s no longer a child and that he’s actually about to have one.”  Harry said.


“Why don’t you just go and tell his family?” Joe suggested.


“Yeah good idea.”


I finished my meal paid and got into my car. I pulled out my phone and called Niall’s mother.


“Is everything okay?” She asked as she picked up the phone.


“Well kind of, we need you to talk to Niall. He got, he got my sister pregnant and we need you to talk to him about it.” I said with a lot of trouble.


“Oh, why am I only just hearing about this now? I will go get his Father to have a talk with him. Thank you for calling.”


We hung up and I went to go check on Ruth.


“Did Niall talk to you?” I asked.


“Yeah, we’re keeping it and he’s going to take care of me, he wants us to buy a house and we will live together and take care of it together.”  She replied.


“I’m glad it’s all going to be okay.” 


I went home and saw Katie sitting there asleep with the twins sitting up on the floor watching TV. She had her MacBook in front of her with weeding pages open.  I picked the twins up off the floor and sat them up in their rooms with their toys out.  I got a text from Niall.


‘Why did you tell my family about the baby?’


‘Because I thought that they could help you, you seem to need it. You’re only a child Niall.’


‘I know I am. I’m scared and I’m trying. I just, I don’t know what to do.’


‘Maybe try and make this work with Ruth and buy her a house and take care of her and the baby.’


‘Okay, well I will tell her to look at houses and I will take her to the doctors and I will try and start to make this work.’


‘Thank you.’


I looked up and seen Katie. She came and sat down next to me.


“I found the dress.” She squealed


“Okay, how much is it?


“400 thousand…”


“Katie, you know you can have any dress you want. No matter how much it cost, so what does it look like?” I said and kissed her forehead.


“ivory gown with lace applique floral detail.”


“Okay should we go buy it now?”



Katie ran around the house screaming getting the twins and her self ready. We went and brought the dress and then finally picked out flowers, we agreed on the local church as the venue and sent out invitations. It was so good to had set a day.



“I love you.” I said.


“I love you too.” She replied.


The day couldn’t have been more prefect.

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