Scarred. ~Dark Fanfic~

I walked down the corridor of my new school, staring at my shoes, when I bumped into someone. I dared to look up. I slowly raised my head to find a curly haired boy, with an evil grin spread across his face. He had green orbs, that penetrated your soul. He wore black combat boots, a leather jacket completed with a skull shirt and bandana. I knew who he was. Harry Styles.

Please note that this is all made up and Harry Styles would never do this.


18. Forgotten.

"Harry just leave me alone and stop playing tricks with me." I said, and spun round once more.
"Fine then, but you'll never see her again." Harry called from behind his shoulders. Should I trust him? I know, I'll ring her.
"Hello?" She chirped.
"BECKS OH MY GOD  WHERE ARE YOU?" I yelled down the phone.
"I'm at home." She replied.
"On your own? Are you okay? When did you get back? What have you been doing?" I kept firing question after question at her.
"Woah Ky, chill! I got home about last week, and my friends mum is here with me." she laughed.
"Becky I'm so sorry, I've been going through loads lately. I'll be home in 5 minutes." I said before hanging up. I need to get there before Harry does. I rush up to Marcel's room and luckily he's awake.
"Marcel, I'm going home. I'll be back later." I smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Okay, hurry though, I'll be lonely." Marcel frowned.
"Don't worry, I will!" I smiled, shutting the door behind me.

"Becky!" I shouted. I heard padding feet across the landing upstairs, and come thundering down the stairs. Becky jumped onto me, and wrapped her small arms around me.
"Becky I'm so sorry." I said into her hair.
"It's okay. My friends mum went home about 5 minutes ago, so you can tell me everything." She smiled, leading me into the living room, and pushing me on the sofa.
"Well, Harry came, and kidnapped me, then Marcel came to save me, I got out but Harry caught Marcel, then I went back for Marcel, and was taken to the kitchen were he stabbed me, then I went to the hospital, and then I kept having nightmares and-"
"Kyra!" Becky laughed, cutting me off. "Woah. Okay, I get it." She laughed.
"But one major thing." I carried on. "Marcel isn't Marcel anymore. He changed." I whispered.
"How?" Becky urged me.
"He..he's not the nerd you know. He's changed. He's got gorgeous, floppy, curly hair, no nerdy glasses, and beautiful green eyes I've never noticed before, he doesn't wear his perfect jumpers and trousers, he wears skinny jeans and tank tops, that show odd tattoo's I never knew he had." I said, getting carried away.
"Kyra.." Becky said, dragging out my name. I snapped out of my trance and looked at Becky.
"Hmm?" I said, still a bit dazed.
"You can't be in love with our cousin!" Becky laughed.
"He is not our cousin." I explained.
"What?" Becky almost screamed. "Why didn't you tell me?" She yelled, standing up from the sofa, her arms flailing everywhere and she shouts.
"Because I didn't know until about two weeks ago!" I yelled back.
"Oh." Was all Becky could say, sitting back down. "But you still love him." Becky teased.
"Yeah, but I don't know which one I love." I sighed. Our heart to heart was interrupted by a loud knocking on the door. 
"Stay here." I said to Becky. She nodded and I made my way over to the door.
"Boo." Harry smirked as I opened the door. My first reaction was to slam the door, which is exactly what I did. I ran into the living room in a panic.
"Becky, go to your room and lock your door." I say, ushering her up the stairs.
"But wh-"
"Just do it!" I yelled. She ran up the stairs, and I waited to hear her door lock. When it did, I opened the door once more.
"Didn't realise I was that scary." Harry smirked sarcastically.
"You should try looking in the mirror sometimes." I spat.
"Ooh, harsh." Harry laughed.
"Like you." I retorted.
"Oh, your full of it, aren't you?" Harry laughed even more.
"What do you want, Harry?" I scowled.
"Babe, just wanted to let you know I'm not done with you yet. There's still so much more I have to offer." Harry smirked. My eyes grew wide, and slammed the door in his face once more. I slid down the back of the door, and put my head in my hands. Why can't this kid just leave me alone? I've done nothing to him. The words keep replaying in my head.
I'm not done with you yet. So much more I have to offer.
What else could he possibly do to me? He already ruined my life before I even met him, and still he continues to ruin it. I have no options left. Leave, or stay. And honestly, I have no idea what to do. Whatever I do to try and defend myself, he always comes back with something twice as harsh. If I leave, he'll just find me. I have no idea why he just doesn't give up on me. Everyone else has. But Harry doesn't, he always comes after me. Sometimes I wish I was forgotten.

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