Does He Know?

The life of two girls who are trying to sell a perfume line. Involves 5 rock stars.


18. We meet again

*The Next Day*

I woke up to the sound of his voice saying "Get up love" I opened my eyes and looked into his sweet brown eyes. I smiled at him and yawned. "What do we have planned for today babe?" I said. "Whatever you want" he grinned. "Whatever I want?" I said and giggled. I kissed him softly and let his tongue explore my mouth. He bit my lip and I couldn't help but bite his lip back. He moaned under my touch. He kissed down my neck. I was so lucky to have a man like Zayn. "Okay babe" I said with my eyes still closed. "No" He said as he was still kissing my neck. He knew what he was doing. "Zayn, I don't think Im ready for this" I said. He looked up at me and smiled. "So your just teasing me then" I laughed. He rolled over and sat on top of me. "Are you sure you don't want me right now" I smiled. I nodded. He got up and put his shirt on. He turned around and winked at me. I smiled and sat up. I went in the kitchen and seen that there was no coffee. I didn't want to go anywhere today. "Babe, Im going to Starbucks! Want anything!" I yelled. I heard the shower running. "Yeah! Whatever your getting" he yelled back. I smiled and got his car keys. I left and got my phone out of my pocket. I dialed Ash's number. "Hello?" She said. "Hey! I'm making a Starbucks run. Want anything?" I said. She laughed and said "oh it's so nice of you to think about me like that." I smiled "Shutup! Is harry there too?" I said. "Nope, he's out. Ummm, Get me a Venti Passion tea" She said. "Okay I'll be over In a bit" I hung up. I got there and ordered "Hi, can I get two Venti caramel frappes and one Venti passion tea sweetened." I payed for them and turned around I was still digging around in my purse. I ran into someone muscular. "Oh sorry" I looked up and seen Niall. He was holding tea in one hand and a girls hand in the other. "Nicole" he said. "Niall" I said kind of shocked. I looked at the girl In disbelief. She had long blonde hair and she was wearing a vanilla colored lace top with shorts and nude high heels. Her boobs looked like they were about to slip out! I never imagined Niall with such a slut who wore nothing but heavy make up! "What are you doing here?" He said. "Will, this is Starbucks you know... A public place" I said. "Oh yeah, will, umm, this is Jessica" He looked at her and then me. All she did was look at me up and down. "Oh" she said. "Yeah, nice to see you Niall." I said and walked away. I got my drinks and got into the car. Something felt so weird back there. It didn't feel right to see Niall with that girl. This couldn't be jealousy. I stopped at me and Ash's flat. I walked up the stairs and walked in. Then I saw Harry on top of Ash with his shirt off. "Oh!" She said as she pushed Harry off. I laughed. "No problem dudes!" I put her drink on the counter. "Sorry Harry I didn't know you were here. So, you could just have mine" I said to harry. "Are you sure?" He said. I nodded. "Thanks Nicole" he said. I walked to my room and gathered some of my clothes because I knew I was going to be staying at Zayns for awhile. Soon I was going to be packing all of my things and going on Tour with my boyfriend... And Niall? Ugh, I just can't stand him right now. I know he could do better than her! And the look on her face when she was looking at me! She acted like she was better than me, oh well...

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