Does He Know?

The life of two girls who are trying to sell a perfume line. Involves 5 rock stars.


2. The Next Day

The next day I woke up and I got a follow on twitter and it was from Liam and Harry the guys who bought our perfume line. What a weird coincidence. I followed them back hoping it was the right thing to do. I picked up Nicole for our meeting. She told me that Zayn somehow got her cell number and called her. I knew something was going on between them. She told me that they talked for about an hour on the phone. She looked pretty happy to me. We arrived at the fancy building they told us to meet them at. A security come to get us and dragged us up a flight of stairs. We arrived at room 243. Which was on the second floor. The security knocked and Louis got the door. "Hello lovelys" he said. "Hey" Nicole and I said. We walked in and they all sat on the couch. Zayn made room for Nicole on the couch and she walked over to sit with them. As for me I just stood there. Harry looked at me up and down. He got up and told me to sit. I walked to where he gestured. "So, how much are you guys willing to pay us for the perfume." I said. "$20,000.00" Harry said. My eyes got huge. "What?" I yelled. "Under one circumstance" Harry said looking at me. "Anything!" I said. "One date with me" he said blushing. "I thought this was just business" I said looking around. "A buisness date then" he said. They all looked at me and left. Now it was just Harry and I in the room. I can't believe Nicole left me. "So what do you think babe?" He said sitting very close to me. "This is only work Harry" I said. "Why do you think we wanted too buy your perfume?" He said grabbing my hand. I looked at him with a blank look and he said "So I can get to know you and so Zayn could get to know Nicole". All I could do was stare in disbelief. I think he planned this. I stood there over thinking things. I said "Will it wouldn't hurt, and it is business....okay! ONE date! Your single right?" He replied "Of course I am! It's official! I will pick you up tonight at 8" I said "okay ill text you my address!" I gave harry my number and we went to the next room where everyone was talking. Zayn and Nicole were not there though. I wonder what those two were up too. Louis then said "Zayn and Nicole went to get some "tea and donuts"". Harry and I sat down. We were discussing when it would arrive in stores and where they will be packaged. After discussion it was around six pm and Zayn and Nicole haven't came back. I began to worry about Nicole. I mean the guys, we just met them. Could I trust Zayn with her? I think I'm just over thinking situations.

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