Does He Know?

The life of two girls who are trying to sell a perfume line. Involves 5 rock stars.


1. Presentation Day

Ash's POV

Today is the day! For my presentation for a new perfume line! I hope I get the job today. I got in some professional clothes. I exaggerated because today is the day I been waiting for since when I was a little girl. My dreams of selling perfume and providing business might happen today. I had breakfast, and ran out the door with a bottle of water and a bagel. I swear I love to eat. I got into my car and drove to Dillard's. I turned on the radio and listened to Katy perry.

I got to work and it was time for my practice presentation. My co worker Nicole and I had to present now. We got into an office with 5 guys. "Hello my name is Ashley and this is my co worker Nicole". They shook our hand and the first guy was with an Irish accent "Hello my name is Niall, nice to meet you ladies". The second guy said "My name is Zayn" I shook his hand. Then we moved to the next two boys who looked alike "My name is Louis" said one "My name is Liam" said the second. Then we moved onto a cute curly headed man named "Harry" he got up and kissed my cheek. What a gentleman. "Hello beautiful" he told me. I blushed. Nicole had a thing with Zayn, I could see it. Anyway With that talk, we had a job to do. We presented our perfume line it was about 15 minutes. We discussed about why we needed it. It took the 5 men a couple of minutes to decide. They told us to arrive back in the room. They smiled and told us that they would buy our perfume and name it "our moment". Nicole and I jumped up and down looking like girl idiots. Then Nicole jumped on all of them to thank and hug them. We said "thank you!" to all of them. The 5 guys told us they will be meeting up with us tomorrow to talk further more business.

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