Does He Know?

The life of two girls who are trying to sell a perfume line. Involves 5 rock stars.


5. He's A Keeper

Nicole's POV

I woke up next to Zayn. He was so handsome! I feel bad for what I did. Last night was fun. No text back from Ashley, after the whole commotion in the dressing room. I layed and held Zayn all night then we both fell asleep in each others arms. We were both tired last night. But did I tell him about Niall? Not that I remember..... should I tell him? I lay there thinking of what to say. "Zayn, I need to tell you something" I sat up. "Yeah babe, what's up?" He said smiling. I couldn't do this. "I totally understand if you are going to be mad at me because I am mad at myself for what I did." I said with tears in my eyes. "What is it" he sounded very confused. "I kissed somebody else" I almost cried. "Are you joking me?" I could see the disappointment in his eyes. "No" I said very disappointed in myself. "Well, who was it?" He looked at me. "Niall, I'm so sorry! I never meant for any of that to happen! I wasn't thinking right!" I said stuttering with tears streaming down my face from both eyes. "Oh, it was Niall. I don't know what to think..." It was nothing but silence in the room. "All I know is... I am willing to make this an official relationship and we have to work together to make this relationship work" he said looking at me. "Only if you want me" he added. I jumped on him and hugged him. "Of course I do love!" I said feeling so happy. I admit I was lucky to have someone like him in my life. "We should be getting ready to face the day love" He said, he carried me to the kitchen and put me on the Counter. "Want some coffee babe?" He said to me. "Yes" I smiled and laughed wiping my tears. I still couldn't believe that he wants to be with me. I just have to be thankful for what I have. "I have to go and talk to ash" I said. "Sure you can leave after this cup of coffee" he said smiling at me. We sat there talking about what was going on into today's world. I finished my coffee and went to go put my clothes on, I slept in Zayns clothes last night. "Okay love Im going" I yelled. "Okay" he said. I left and walked down the hall. Until I felt hands wrap around my waist. I smiled and turned around and saw Zayns beautiful dark brown eyes. "You forgot my kiss" he said softly. He leaned in and put his soft lips against mine. I felt so safe when was with him. He let me go but our lips still touching. He cared about me so much... No guy has ever treated me this way "I don't want to stop" I told him. He bit his lip and grabbed my hand. "I will see you tonight gorgeous" he kissed my hand and let go. I walked away and just thought of him. I drove back to my flat.

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