Does He Know?

The life of two girls who are trying to sell a perfume line. Involves 5 rock stars.


7. Hangout

Ash's POV

It was 4 pm, I was looking at my ceiling. I was thinking about many things. I'm just glad Nicole and I are okay... I wonder what Harry was doing, I called him. "Hiiiiiiiiiiiii darling!". He said "hey babe what's up?". "Cooooome see me! Or let's go do something!". He said "okay" i replied. "ill come pick you up! Be ready in an hour, we will go to a party". "Okay! I will be ready!" As I was getting ready, I looked out the window, I seen paparazzi outside. I hope no damn rumors become huge! I ignored the paparazzi and got ready. I put a pair of shorts, and a nice tank top and cardigan on, with my low top converse. I curled my hair nice and put my makeup on. I looked gorgeous. Harry was outside waiting. I ran to his car as the paparazzi were taking pictures. Harry drove off, we had to lose the paparazzi. We lost them in traffic. What a relief. We arrived at some big house. "Who's party are we at?" Harry replied "Liam's," I said "ohhhhh" We were still in the car. Harry started staring at me. I looked at him "whaaat?" I was smiling. "I don't know, your just to beautiful, I'm lucky to have you" he smiled with his cute dimple. He kissed me softly. I felt his lips against mines, I bit his lip. He said "ouch, what was that for?" While he was all cheesy. "Let's go babeee, your just being to sweet!" I was laughing and smiling. We entered the house. We seen tons of different people. Like ordinary people. Harry went to get me a drink. Liam and the boys came up to us. We were enjoying the night full of laughter and talks. Harry got pretty drunk on me. He was with Zayn, I was sitting there all alone. I went outside to get some fresh air. Liam came and sat by me outside on the swinging chair. He said "how are you?wheres harry?" I relplied " he's pretty drunk and I'm fine just enjoying the stars" he said "oh wow and your fine with that?" He laughed. "Yeah kinda, not really, I just needed some fresh air." "Will I hope you can drive him home, thanks for coming, it's good to see you again". I laughed "yeah I'm capable of driving him! And yeah you too! I'm gonna look for harry. Talk to you later". I got up and walked up stairs. Harry, Zayn, and Niall were in the room messing around with the guitar and singing. I told harry we need to go. So we left. We were walking out and he was holding me talking in to my ear. Telling me how beautiful I am and that he loves me. I got his keys and drove him home and we ended up making out in his bed. Harry than sang me to sleep. He sang 'moments' to me. It was beautiful. I'm living the Cinderella life.

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