Does He Know?

The life of two girls who are trying to sell a perfume line. Involves 5 rock stars.


17. Everything's okay

Nicole POV

I woke up by myself. I wonder where Zayn was? After all that has happened I don't think I could trust him again. I walked into the kitchen and found a note that said "Good morning love, Im planning something for us tonight. Be ready for me... I promise I'll be there, and remember... I love you, Xx -Zayn" I smiled down at the note and set it down. I had to go back to my house and get ready. I couldn't call ash to pick me up because obviously she was with Harry. I got on my shoes and started to walk home. It felt nice to go out and get some fresh air. I finally got home and went to get a glass of water. I showered and got into a red dress with some black flats. By then it was already 6 pm. I waited and waited. I was totally convinced he wasn't coming. I heard a knock at the door. I walked over and opened it and saw Zayn. I smiled and he winked. He grabbed my hand and spun me around. "Perfect" he said. I smiled and kissed his cheek softly. We walked downstairs and I saw his ride. He opened the passenger door for me "thank you" I told him. We drove downtown and he took me to Olive Garden, We both ordered chicken Alfredo. We talked about about our future together, I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. Then, he took me to a art gallery. He walked over to a small painting in the corner. He grabbed my hand and said "look". My mouth flew open and I felt tears running down my face. It was a painting by Zayn and it was a painting of me! It looked like he did a painting of me when I was sleeping. I turned around and hugged him. "Your my one and only Nicole" he whispered into my ear. I smiled into his chest. After walking through the whole gallery we drove back to his flat. He handed me his boxers and his rolling stone tshirt. I was so used to wearing his clothes now. We layed down and he was holding me. "Nicole?" He said. "Yeah love?" I told him. "I don't want to disappoint you or anything but my manager called and said he wants me and the boys back on tour." He said. His voice was shaken. I sat up and looked at him in disbelief "What am I suppose to do?" I said. He grabbed my face and put his lips to mine. "I want you there with me" he smiled. "Yes" I jumped on top of him, hugging him. "Thing are going so good for me Nicole. Your my world now." He whispered to me. "I love you, Zayn" I said. "I love you too, Doll" he replied. Then, I fell asleep in his chest. Best 4th of July ever.

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