Does He Know?

The life of two girls who are trying to sell a perfume line. Involves 5 rock stars.


4. 2 months later

It's going to be a long day. I got ready and dressed casual. Today is the day One Direction is going to sell their perfume line they bought from us at Dillard's. I picked up Nicole and we went straight to Dillard's. On the way she was telling me about the flowers Zayn sent her this morning becausenit was their two month anniversary! Those two were so cute together! We also talked about how lucky we were to get all that money and especially to date Zayn Malik and Harry Styles from a famous band, One Direction. As we pulled up to the mall we entered Dillard's with millions of screaming girls. The guys were taking pictures with their fans. I talked to their manager. All the guys cut the streamers with a scissor and officially sold it to the fans that were there. Harry and I were talking for awhile... Then he had more business to deal with for the day. As I was walking to the car harry tapped me by the shoulder. "Babe, do you wanna go stay with me in Moscow for a couple of nights we go on tour?" I replied " I will think about it, but text me love". We smooched goodbye. I walked to the double doors. I tried calling Nicole a million times. So I texted her.. No reply. Where the hell did she go again? It's been pass 30 minutes. Maybe she was with Zayn somewhere... I went to look at a few clothes. I seen a cute top to try on, as I walked into the dressing room I heard Nicole. "Niall you babe!" She was laughing like they were doing something sexual. I stopped and heard them kissing. Was I hearing this correctly?! I made a loud noise and they stopped and knew someone was walking in. I told Nicole" We need to go! "There was a moment of silence. "Okay I'm trying on some clothes! Be out in a minute" she said. That cougar! I walked out laughing! Harry seen me, "what are you still doing here love?" I said " uhhh I'm waiting on Nicole, she tried on a few clothes". He grabbed me for a kiss. Ahhh, I love his sexy kisses. He hugged me one more time as the fans seen the hug and he left. Oh gosh the media. Finally Nicole came and I seen a few lipstick smudges. Wow. "Your lipstick is messed up" I rolled my eyes at her. "Oh it probably got messed up when I put these clothes on" she said. I grabbed the clothes and it was nothing but lingerie! "What did you do?" I yelled at her. "What? can't I just go one day without you being a bitch!" She yelled at me. "Stop trying to be all innocent Nicole!" I pushed her aside and opened the dressing room door and I saw Niall sitting there, he sat there looking like nothing happened. I grabbed his arm and pulled him up. "Then why were you trying on lingerie with Niall in your fucking dressing room!" I yelled. She said nothing. I felt so angry with her because I knew how much Zayn liked her and she still chooses to mess around with Niall. "Whatever" I said and pushed Niall away. "Wait Ash! Your not going to tell Zayn about this right" She said. I turned around "It's not worth it" I said and walked away. "Oh and Niall can drop you off" I said. I got in my car and seen a text from harry "babe, I miss you xX" I smiled and decided to text back later. I drove home and texted harry back "babe, come by? I need someone right now" he replied "I'll be over, anything for you". While I was waiting I checked my twitter and I got lots of notifications. There were fans hating, but I didn't care. One tweet said "if your with harry, he could do so much better" some of these tweets made me laugh. I had a direct message, as I heard the doorbell. I knew it was harry. I ran to the door! It was harry, "hey babe!" He smiled. I love his smile! I let him in and observed my apartment. He said it was pretty huge. I laughed and we went to my room. My room was pretty big. "What did you wanna talk about? I said "it's hard to explain". "I'll be ready for whatever your going to tell me". He grabbed my hand and looked into my brown eyes. I looked down and said " remember Nicole right? I seen her and another dude, and I don't know what to think about it". Harry was shocked, "what?! It wasn't Zayn was it?" I nodded no. "Please don't tell Zayn". "Your secret is kept with me, if it wasn't Zayn than who was it?". I replied " I don't know" I couldn't tell him it was Niall. "The thing is I don't know if I should be disappointed in her or okay with it, they were kissing" harry said " Babe, dont let it bother you, let's just watch tv and cuddle ". Harry was right. I turned on Tangled on my flat screen. We were laying on my bed as he was keeping me warm. I held his 6 pack, oh gosh he was soooo hot. I'm one lucky girl. I fell asleep on Harry's chest. He woke up next to me the next morning. He awoke at the same time I did. He held me in his arms and kissed me gently. His lips against mine. His touch, feel, made me feel like we were the only two people on earth. I got up and showered, harry got ready and left after. After he left, I checked my phone, and got a text from Nicole. "Are you mad at me? I'm sorry if I disappointed you"

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