Hanging on

I'm back!
I'm hoping you all like this book.
So read on . Because I suck at blurbs.


2. I wanna go home

Hey guys I haven't posted in a while, and I thought id let you guys see this, its what I have for now. leave some feedback. Btw sorry its so crummy.




"Hi Envy." Niall, Zayn and Harry hollered. A smirk plastered on all of their faces. I groaned and waved.

"Hi Ms. Pattinson." They greeted my aunt with a reassuring smile. It made me gag. I hated them. What made it worse was I had to stay the night here with them.

My aunt greeted Maura, Trisha and Anne. The weird thing was they all had suitcases.

"What's up with the suitcases??" I questioned, half grinning.

"Well......" They all chimed. "We're going away for a week or so... To Hawaii." They hesitated. "So yeah, cards on top of the fridge, there is food in the fridge, and if you go out don't take anything but the impala."

Maura gave Niall the eye. "Niall James if I come back and this house is a mess, no car for a month, I've already told you." She spoke sternly. "Envy don't you dare think of it either.." She gave me the 'if you do your ass is grounded for a month' look. With that being said they took off.

"So, do you guys wanna go to that party at Megan's?" Harry asked. Looking around at us.

"Yeah." Zayn and Niall chimed. "Envy??" They all looked towards me.

" No thanks, and you can cut the act. You're gonna end up being assholes again, you're probably going to take me  to the party and then end up ditching me. Or you're gonna bring some bimbos and there's not gonna be 'enough' room for me in the car, because I'm a tub of lard, as you guys call me, and then you'll just tell me to walk home so I can lose some weight." After that there was an awkward silence.

"Sorry." Niall looked at me sincerely. The other two looked at me guilt written all over their faces. But I knew it was some kind of sick joke.

" Hahah sorry isn't cutting shit. Now go have fun and fuck up your lives, so you can screw mine up even more." I was fired up. I wasn't having it today. I'm just so tired of their bullshit. With that being said, I grabbed my bag and went up to the room I always stayed in.


 We go back to pre-k. We use to be good friends, then everything just changed once we hit secondary school.


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