You again?

Charlotte moved from New York to Holmes chapel in England. She couldn't fit in at first, until she met Harry, a famous singer from a boyband called One Direction. Charlotte have been together with Alex (her boyfriend from New York) for almost a year now, however, she couldn't resist Harry's charm. Does Charlotte still loves Alex? Or will she fall for Harry?


1. I'm gonna miss New York

"Hey honey, are you all packed" mom said walking in my room
" Yeah mom, I still don't understand why we're moving, don't you like it here in New York?" i asked.
" I love New York but I have to work in Holmes Chapel in England.. I have to go pack my books, don't stay up too late" she said
"okay mom" i replied
I don't wanna leave New York, my friends and mostly Alex. Alex and I have been together for almost a year and i don't wanna leave him. I finally finished packing so i decided to sleep because i have to wake up early tomorrow.
"Hurry up Charlotte, we're gonna miss the plane" mom shouted
"okay, i'm ready" i replied while I looked at my room for the last time.
I'm gonna miss this place but i needed a fresh start so maybe it's a good idea. When we arrived, i sat near the window and see the scenery, it's calm and quiet, nice, but i prefer the lights and the sound of cars. The car stopped in front of this huge house, i wonder if it's ours…
"Mom is the white house ours?" I asked her
"Yes, big right?"
" Wow, yeah" i said.
I can't believe we can afford this house, maybe moving to Holmes Chapel wasn't so bad after all. I went to my bedroom, it was huge! I went to the market to buy some groceries, i picked out some snacks and fruits. I went inside my car after i finished paying when suddenly a guy burst into my car.
"Holy shit!!" i screamed
"Sorry" he said freaking out
"What the fuck are you doing here?" i asked, even more panicked
"i'll explain later, just go please" he begged
I start the car and drove really fast, I recognized his face from somewhere, but i can't remember. It was really awkward inside the car, so i turned the radio on, the news was playing. " Harry styles was caught getting in a strangers' car when paparazzi are trying to interview him. Where is heading? and who was the stranger who drove him?" So that's Harry Styles…..
"ugh, when are they going to stop?" he complained.
" You know, you can just wear a hoodie and a hat whenever you go shopping, it's not that hard" I said really annoyed.
" I didn't have time okay" he said.
" I don't know the way, i just moved here" I said
" Turn left here"
"Where is your house?" I asked
"Do you wanna go grab Starbucks?" He asked.
" I can't, my mom is probably looking for me now" I said giving him a fake sad face.
" Just for 30 mins, it won't be long… Besides, i'm not going anywhere until you go grab coffee with me"
"FIne, but just for 30 mins" I said.
"By the way, we haven't properly meet, i'm Harry" He introduced himself
"Charlotte" I said we both smiled

Harry's POV
I ran as fast as i can to escape from the paparazzi. There was a car, i didn't know where else to go. I went inside the car, there was a girl freaking out. I told her to drive as fast as she can. I think she knows who i am, i mean who doesn't. She was different, other girls would scream if i was in a car with them, but she doesn't, instead of screaming she asked me to leave …. I wanna get to know her more so I asked her to grab a coffee with me, she refused but i didn't wanna leave until she comes. Then she changed her mind.

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