Bethany is my star

This story is about my normal life as a teenager. Watching youtuve videos. Of course I´m watching the beauty guru Bethany mota aka. Macbarbie07.
I´m just a normal teenager dying to meet her. Who knows maybee that happens?


2. Youtube




When Joanna got home I logged on to youtube on my Iphone. I´ve got a message that said Bethany had uploded a "Black friday" haul. And I haven´t got a chance to wacth it yet. I watched the video and at the end she told "us" that there was comming a "Giveaway" (When she gives some of the stuff she bought to one of the viewers) and I signed up as I always do. I never wun anything though. I logged off of youtube when my phone buzzed.

*To Emily*

*From Josh*

"Hey sweetie. Just give me another chance. I love you<3

And i know you love me too."


*To Josh*

*From Emily*

"I don´t love you! In fact I HATE you. I HATE YOU. Is that message clear?

Don´t ever talk, write or call me ever again."


I threw my phone away. I hated him.

My brother walked in to the room.

Chris: Hey! What´s up?

Emily: Leave me alone!

Chris: Wow! someone is in baaad mood.

Emily: Just leave me alone okay?

Chris(Talking to himself): I just came out to get a juice box and I get attacked.

Emily: You know I can hear you right?

Chris stuck his thounge out and pointed it at me.

I rolled my eyes, and looked the other way.

Then my sister came in the room.

Celia: Hey sis! What´s up?

Emily: Josh broke up whit me, our brother annoys me, and Bethany don´t know I exist.

Celia: Listen, Bethany have SOOOO many viewers. She can´t write to all of them.

Emily: Then she can just write to me.

Celia: Haha... at least you still have your good mood.

I smiled at my big sister as she left the kitchen.

I went to my room, and got under a blanket. Then I fell a sleep.




I woke up at 6pm and went downstairs. Dinner was on the table. Chris had made potatoes and steak. I sat at the table and rubbed my eyes.

Celia: Josh called here.

Emily: Did you talk to him?

Celia: No the machine cought it.

I ran to the phone and erased all the messages. I ate and went back to my room. I turned on the TV and fell asleep by the sound of the TV.


*There you go. Hope you like it. I think I will be adding another chapter later today.*

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