Bethany is my star

This story is about my normal life as a teenager. Watching youtuve videos. Of course I´m watching the beauty guru Bethany mota aka. Macbarbie07.
I´m just a normal teenager dying to meet her. Who knows maybee that happens?


8. Shopping at Aeropostale


Today it´s wednesday and this saturday me and Jo went shopping. I bought a lot of clothes from Beths line. I bought the tee that says "Can you not?" and I just love that t-shirt. I wear it all the time. I got some other stuff too. Croptops and skater skirts. Jo got some jewelry and we both got the "motivator" necklace. It was the best day of my life and I enjoyed it so much. Anyway yesterday some new guys moved in next door and he is sooo cute.. I think I have a tiny crush and the best thing is when I went running this morning I ran into him. And we talked a lot.


As I was running I was singing to my music in my headphones. I ran into him.

Em: Omg I´m so sorry.

Guy: It´s okay. Hey you are my neighbor right?

Em: I think so.

Guy: Anyway I´m Daniel.

Em: Hey Daniel... I´m Emily.

Daniel: Emily? That´s a pretty name. 

Em: Thank you. Soo what school do you go to?

Daniel: This school right around the corner. I believe you go there too?

Em: Yearh I do... You want me to meet up with you tomorrow and show you around?

Daniel: Yeah I would love that.

Em: Great see you tomorrow.

And right as I was about to run he grapped me on my hips and pushed his lips agains mine. I was in total chock. I didm´t know what to say and then he said.

Daniel: Sorry I just really like you. 

Then he ran away and left me in total chock of what just happened. When I came home I instantly called Joanna.

Jo: Hey what´s up?

Em: My new neighbor just kissed me...

Jo: WHAT?!? No way?

Em: Yeah I ran into him and we talked and he just kissed me.

Jo: I can´t believe it

Em: I know... I can´t either

Jo: What happens now?

Em: I am going to show him around the school tomorrow.

Jo: What if he kiss you again? Do you like him? Is he like HOT?

Em: I don´t know if he´ll kiss me again. He said he liked me. And yes I like him and YES he is HOT...

Jo: We´ll then just see what happens.

As I hang up on her I heard the door bell.

*End of flashback*

Now I´m here in my room sitting with Daniel just talking. He came to visit me. Really weird but   he´s from England and maybe they are different overthere. But he´s very nice and I kinda like him.  Just like that my sister busted into my room.

Celia: Hello my name is Celia and I am Emilys big sister.

Daniel: Hello I´m Daniel and I just moved in next door.

Celia: Cool just wanned to say hi.

Daniel: Cool.

Celia: See you later.

Em: Byy.

Daniel: She seemed nice.

Em: I know she SEEMS nice but you know she´s a real twisted person.

All of a sudden Daniel moved closer to me and kissed me again. As he pulled away he started looking right in my eyes.

Daniel: Do you like when I kiss you? I mean do you like me in that way?

Em: I think you are very sweet.

When I had said that I pulled him into a kiss. As we pulled away he just smiled at me. 


*okayyyyy I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I know it has been a while and I know I say that every time but I´m kinda busy. Anyway I made this chapter a little about boys I hope that is okay but I thought it just couldn't be all about Bethers by the way. And can I just say that Bethany was in Germany yesterday and my country is right next to Germany. If I could I would have left school butt... Anyway that was all for this time. TTYL motavators*

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