Bethany is my star

This story is about my normal life as a teenager. Watching youtuve videos. Of course I´m watching the beauty guru Bethany mota aka. Macbarbie07.
I´m just a normal teenager dying to meet her. Who knows maybee that happens?


3. Lucky as H*ll




It´s been like a week or something. Today I decided to go shoppingat the mall. I was in Victoria Secrets and American Eagle. I´m on my war home know. I walked to my car and then I bumped into Selena Gomez. I looked at her. She had a black hoddie on an sunglasses. And next to her was JUSTIN BIEBER! Even though I´m not a belieber I was pretty shocked. Even though you aren´t a Belieber you get pretty excited.

Emily: OMG you´re.... and and and you´re....

Selena: Yea.. I know. If you wont tell anyone were here we´ll both give you an autograph. Right Justin?

Justin: Og coarse.

Emily: OMG... I-I love you Justin your voice is amazing.

Justin gave me and envelope.

Justin: Don´t open it before you get home.

Emily: Tha-Thank you. I love you too Selena.

Selena: Yea.. I know.. I´m that lovely.

She smiled at me and they left.


When I got home I started screaming. My sister looked at me like I was a ghost or something.


Celia: OMG..OMG..OMG.. when?

Emily: At the mall. He gave me this envelope!

Celia: What was in it?

Emily: I haven´t opend it yet. He told me to wait.

Celia: OPEN IT!!

Oh.. I forgot to tell you. Celia is a HUGE Belieber.

Emily: Fine I will.

I opened the envelope and it had two tickets to his next concert.

Celia: OMG!! You are soooooooo lucky.

Emily: You are lucky too.

Celia: Why?

Emily: It´s two tickets!


Emily: Sure. I´m going to bed. I´m tired.



*Sorry that was about Justin Bieber. But I thought that could be funny. I guess you guys thought that Emily would win the giveaway. But she wont! Or will she? No one knows! Except me. See you all later<3* *Oh and sorry if it´s kinda short, but I think this will be the lenght of the chapters. Is that okay?*

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